[miau] Who would have thought the Iron Man movies would be among the most successful of all the Marvel hero films? And who would have thought a slot machine based on the third film in the series would offer great jackpots and an excellent gaming experience. Upon reading this Iron Man 3 Slot machine review, you will quickly come to the realization that the industrial mind of Tony Stark has come up with a great virtual slot.

iron_man_3_slot_machineOkay, it was not Tony Stark who designed the Iron Man 3 slot machine. PlayTech was the company that designed the game and there are a lot of nice touches to it. Even the theme music on the slot psyches you up to want to play.

Right off the bat, I want to mention that you just might be able to win huge on the Iron Man 3 slot. You have the ability to win 10,000 times more than the line bet and this could lead to a massive payoff with the right spin.

Before we talk about the pie-in-the-sky grandeur of getting a massive payoff, let’s look at some of the excellent features associated with the slot. That said, it is necessary to point out the Marvel Progressive Jackpot is connected to this game as it is with all Marvel themed hero slots.

The total number of playlines is 25 and this is quite generous. The more playlines you have available, then the greater the chances you have to win big provided you bet wisely.

When you do execute a spin, look for the wild symbol as it can deliver up to 3,000 times the original bet if you win. Consider that a hugely generous payout.

The game itself offers three five-slot reels. There are 15 symbols on the screen at one time meaning the chances of hitting the right winning combination are fairly good.

Fans of the Iron Man comics and films are not going to be disappointed in any way, shape, or form with the graphics and images they see on the screen. The popular characters from the Iron Man films are present and accounted for. Be on the lookout for old Shellhead to show up since he can give you free spins.

This is one of the top Marvel games to arrive on the slot machine scene. If you really want to enjoy the excellent graphics and features Marvel slots are known to deliver, give this game a try.

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