[miau] Invaders from the Planet Moolah is a video slot created by WMS that is available both online and in live casinos. Though the theme is bizarre, this slot is actually pretty fun and addicting. What makes this slot so addicting are the Cascading Reels and Invasion features. These are bonuses that can help the player earn free spins, more cash, and more coins. Before explaining these bonuses into detail, here are the basics of what the game is composed of and how the game is played.

invaders_from_the_planet_moolah_slot_machineThis slot is composed of five reels. Rather than spin, the symbols fall, or cascade, from the top of the screen. This is a common function in many of the WMS games. This slot contains many farm-like symbols, like wild cows, hill-billies, barns, chickens, and much more. The wild cow symbol serves to be the wild symbol in this slot game. At the top of each reel is a small cow in their own little spaceship, meaning there is a total of five space cows hovering at the top of the screen. The job of the space cows is to zap away at any winning combinations, which triggers the bonus Cascading Reels feature.

The Cascading Reels feature is when more symbols cascade down from the top of the screen, replacing the symbols that were zapped by the cows. Simply put, rather than spin, the symbols fall in a Candy Crush and Diamond Dash Blitz type of style. This feature adds to the addiction factor of the game because each time you play, you will not know whether or not you will get multiple cascades. The more cascades you receive, the more winnings you can earn. In fact, you get rewarded with free spins just for the number of cascades you obtain in a row. For example, you receive 7 free spins for 4 cascades in a row and 50 free spins for 8 or more cascades in a row.

The Invasion feature, upon being triggered, turns many of the available symbols into wild cow symbols. This will allow for a greater possibility of wins for the next few spins you have. This feature is triggered when you obtain 4 or more consecutive spins. It can also occur at random if you happen to have no cascades whatsoever in one spin. So that means that you have a chance of still receiving extra bonuses, like cash and coins, if you do not get any cascades in a single spin. This also adds to the addiction factor because you are given a bit of hope with each non-cascaded spin.

In general, the Invaders from the Planet Moolah Slot is generally a fun game to play. This slot is available both online and on land. The addiction factor is definitely there, mainly thanks to the Cascading Reels and Invasion features. The Cascading Reels feature gives the player a lot of confidence and encourages them to keep on playing. The Invasion feature provides the player with a small hope and possibility that even if they receive a spin that doesn’t cascade once, then they could still receive a random Invasion feature. The Invaders from the Planet Moolah slot is definitely recommended for both experienced and beginner players.

Invaders from the Planet Moolah Slot
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