[miau] The age-old tale of good vs. evil is something that everyone knows in one form or another. God vs. the Devil, sinners vs. saints, the good shoulder vs. the bad shoulder – everyone knows about the whole good vs. evil tale. With the Innocence or Temptation online video slot machine, players now have an opportunity to select which side they would like to play on, as they spin in the devilish depths or on the wings of an angel. This exciting, original game can pay off in a big way, or it can bust you out quickly. It all depends on how greedy you get.

innocence_or_temptation_slot_machineInnocence or Temptation Slots Features

The first thing to really take notice of with this game, and perhaps its most impressive feature, is the whole Innocence or Temptation theme. This theme is very original; in a world where slot machines are typically modeled after something that’s big in popular culture at the moment, it’s refreshing to see a new spin on something as old as the battle of good vs. evil. The premise here is very enthralling. Per spins, players can choose which side they want to play on. You can pick the angel’s side and ultimately have more ways to win while playing. Or, if you’re feeling a bit more devilish, you can pick the side of evil and have an opportunity to earn far bigger wins. Which would you choose? More ways to win small pots, or a higher chance of winning a big pot? The temptation is truly present in Innocence or Temptation.

Other than the cool theme, Innocence or Temptation is a basic, no-frills slot machine. It has a 3-reel, 20-payline setup, a few customizable betting features, and plenty of graphically intense symbols that really pop off the screen. Known colloqually as the angel vs. devil slots, Innocence or Temptation has symbols like the angel, devil, playing cards, bar symbols, and more. There are plenty of free spins to be had, and there are also wild cards (the Angel and Devil), which turn all playing card symbols to their highest number respectively.

Although this isn’t a brand new game, it is new to Playtech’s impressive lineup. Innocence or Temptation was originally developed and initially released by Ash Gaming. Since teaming up with Playtech, the slot machine has gained a lot of popularity.

Innocence or Temptation Slots Betting Options

If there’s a negative here to harp on, it may be the fact that there aren’t nearly as many betting options with Innocence or Temptation as there are with other slot machines. Sure, you can play as low as 0.20 all the way up to a few bucks per line, but it’s not a very friendly machine for penny slot players. There are, however, plenty of chances to change and adjust your bets, as you can choose from different slider options depending on which side you choose to play on.

Innocence or Temptation Slots Conclusion

Whether going for a surefire win or giving it up in an attempt to hit the big jackpots, Innocence or Temptation certainly lives up to its name. It’s like a game inside of a game, which has a lot of people lining up to play this Playtech slot machine.

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