[miau] For the online slot machine players who are feeling a little green, the Incredible Hulk Slot machine game is the perfect cure. Players become one with the Hulk as they amass piles of green playing this movie based version of an online slot machine.


The graphics of this game resemble the movie version of the popular comic publication. They are realistic and very green. Modeling the popular movie, they are realistic, vivid, and menacing.

Reels and Pay lines

There are 25 pay lines on this slot with five reels. Each reel spins independently and some are activated during play in a bonus mode where they spin at a super fast speed.

Wagers and Pay tables

The minimum bet is one dollar and the maximum is $25. The maximum jackpot is $4,000. The icons pay out for a minimum of a pair of matching icons at three times the bet, and up to four thousand times the bet for five in a row of a particular icon.


The bonuses on this game come in the form of multipliers that can be obtained by spinning the “smash bonus” icon on reels one and five. This activates a game in which the player smashes cars and for cash. Smash helicopters for bonuses. During this bonus stage, there is a second bonus of a “rage” feature which allows for the smashing of all seven cars at one time.

There are free game bonuses given when there are three or more Incredible Hulk icons on the screen. This activates a scatter bonus of triple the winnings on ten free games. If free games are spun during this bonus, they are continually added to the amount of free games available infinitely. Only the “smash” bonus cannot be activated during this bonus.

The bonus of the expanding Hulk is achieved when the Hulk icons all land in the third reel position. This is paid in the form of two re-spins. There is a larger version of this expanding Hulk when the icon lands anywhere on reels 2, 3, and 4. The player is also rewarded one re-spin. This bonus does not include the “smash” or “free games” bonuses when spinning.

The other bonuses that can be won on this movie themed slot are achieved when there are three or more icons in a row on a paying line. These icons include such images as a radioactive sign, a glowing beaker of liquid, a police car and helicopter, and an assortment of stone-looking letters and numbers.

For the gamer seeking high graphics, quality sound, and a ton of bonuses, the Incredible Hulk online slot machine game is a great way to smash away their worries of the day. The mobility of this online game makes it the perfect thing to take with you everywhere and earn some green from anywhere.

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