“Hulk smash!” is the battle cry of the well-known Marvel Comics powerhouse known as the Incredible Hulk. Now you can use the Hulk to smash up buildings, vehicles and much more when you play Hulk Smash Up. This innovative game allows you to take control of the jade green powerhouse and spend time improving your gaming skills while you direct the Hulk’s rage in a fun and exciting direction.

Hulk Smash Up features everything you would expect from a game featuring this well-known, often-misunderstood superhero. Lots of buildings to destroy, assaults from the U.S. Army against the Hulk and more make this game a true taste of the Hulk’s travails as they are usually depicted in comic books, on television and on the big screen. The detailed backgrounds really bring players into the game, and the Hulk appears in his classic form, wearing purple pants and looking appropriately fierce when all hulked out.

As the Hulk, your goal is to cause as much damage as possible before the Hulk reverts to his normal human form, Bruce Banner. A timer at the top of the screen lets you know how much time you have left before the Hulk changes back into Banner and the game ends. The timer slowly counts down over the course of each level, and it does not restart between levels. This adds to the challenge and makes it imperative for the Hulk to quickly wreak havoc so that he can advance to the next stage before the timer runs out.

Fans of the Hulk know that while he is a strong powerhouse, he is still vulnerable to attacks of various kinds from different enemies. As noted, the major enemy that the Hulk has to fight in this game is the U.S. Army, and when army vehicles appear in the game, they shoot at the Hulk and otherwise attempt to harm him. When the Hulk is struck, the timer counts down further. In other words, the more damage that the Hulk sustains from the army, the faster the timer will count down and the sooner he will turn back into Bruce Banner.

Fortunately, the Hulk has several moves to counter the attempts of the army to stop him. First, he has his powerful punch, which is the in-game manifestation of the mighty strength he possesses in other media. Press the space bar to punch, and the Hulk will take out any vehicle that is coming after him. The Hulk is also known for his ability to jump great distances, and you can cause the Hulk to jump so high off the screen that you cannot see him for a time. To make the Hulk jump, press the control key. As an added bonus, any vehicle the Hulk lands on will be destroyed.

Besides destroying human enemies, the Hulk has to demolish three buildings in each level to advance to the next stage. The Hulk brings these buildings down by climbing and punching them. If you are familiar with the classic arcade game Rampage, the game play is similar and just as entertaining. Use the arrow keys to direct the Hulk left or right. Press the up or down arrows when the Hulk is next to the side of a building and he will climb up or down the side of it. Punch a building enough times, and it will crumble to the ground. Instead of points, the game measures your progress by dollars of damage caused. The more destruction you cause as the Hulk, the more dollars of damage you earn.

In sum, if you are looking for a fun way to work out some aggression, Hulk Smash Up is a safe way to relieve your tension or otherwise have a great time.

Hulk Smash Up – Game
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