[miau] Take a minute and look at the opening sequence in the Hot Gems Slot game and you will get a small peak of the excitement that follows. The bearded miner in Hot Gems is determined to find a hot bed of gems and strike it rich. Playtech has really outdone themselves with this innovative video slot game. The game seems like a traditional 5 reel and 25 payline slot game, but that is where the similarities end.

hot_gems_slot_machineBefore you spin the reels, get yourself comfortable by choosing your bet amount and number of lines in play. Press the spin button and get ready for the fun to ensue. The first thing you are going to notice is the reels definitely do not spin like those on a traditional slot machine. The first time you press the spin button, the symbols all seem to fall right into place one after another like a landslide. These impressive graphics are just the beginning of the fun.

The Hot Gems slot is one of those games that has some serious substance and will keep you involved throughout all the spins. One of the most exciting bonuses in Hot Gems happens after you press the spin button. If any of the symbols form a win, the money is added to the win section, then the winning symbols literally explode on the screen. What happens next is the voids that were left behind from the exploding symbols is filled in with brand new symbols. The new symbols cascade down into the voids forming new paylines. If you are lucky enough to form a new winning combination, the money piles up and the explosions continue.

Now those exploding and cascading paylines might seem like enough to keep even the most avid slot player happy, but Hot Gems goes even further.If you happen to get 3 of the free spin symbols on the screen, you are awarded 15 free games where the fun continues. Once you hit the bonus feature, the bearded miner will then escort you to the place where the bonus round will take place. Put on your mining hate and get ready for the riches to fill your buckets. In the bonus round, if you get a winning combination, the 1x multiplier moves to a 2x multiplier. Each explosion moves the multiplier from 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, to 5x, and then back to 1x after the wins have completed.

The symbols in Hot Gems are all gem related. All the lower paying symbols are all different colored gems. The higher paying symbols range from a mine cart, lantern, pick axe, and the miner himself. The only other symbol in the game is the wild symbol which substitutes for all the other symbols on the payline. This game is so captivating that you simply can not keep your eyes off the screen. Press the autoplay button and let the game control all the spins until you trigger the bonus round. The dancing miner is a great twist to the game, as he gladly celebrates your monster win in the bonus round by jumping and dancing around the screen in celebration of your huge haul. Hot Gems is a fun and rewarding slot game that can really grow your bankroll nicely.

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