[miau] The High Tea Slot game is an adorable game that is geared more toward girls and women because of the decorations of the game. There are pastel colors, cupcakes and tea cups on the reels. This is a game that doesn’t have a lot of action. It’s something that you might play to take your mind off of things at the office or at home after a long day at work.

high_tea_slot_machineThere are five reels on the game. On these five reels are 20 pay lines. This can make things a little confusing when you are searching for the way you won if you won anything at all. It’s not a high payout game, and you have to spin a few times in order to start building any kind of payout where you can use money to bet. The music can be somewhat annoying. It’s something that you might find in an elevator or a flower shop. This is why it’s more for the female crowd than those who want more action in their slot game. If you can hit the special designs, like the colorful tea cakes, then you will get a bigger payout. There are typical symbols, like bells, that give you a better chance at winning, but these amounts are smaller.The biggest payout on the game is the brunette lady Scatters. This is hard to get, but the payout from it is high. There is a small chance that you will get five of these in a row, and if you do, your payout will be 634 times the bet line. Don’t think that you will get this while you are playing the game because it’s not a feat that can be accomplished by many people. The reels just don’t line up how you want them to before you get tired of playing the game.

There is a wild card on the slot. If you get an expandable on reels two or four, the entire game will reveal wild card cakes. This can be annoying as well because you think that you will get a big payout, but it’s really not that much. If you hit the wild card, you will also have a chance at an extra spin. This isn’t something guaranteed, but most of the time you will get the extra spin. It’s one of the fun things about the game because you get extra money to bet with on the next round, and some of the designs that you see on the extra spin are different from the other reels.

This is a game that needs a little help. It’s a fun game, but it’s so painfully slow that you want to cry while you’re playing. It’s great for kids to play because there isn’t a lot of the action that you would see in other slots. There could be a few bonus rounds so that you get more of a payout. The payouts could be a little bigger, but what can you expect from a tea party slot game. If you like something that is calm and rather boring or if you simply need something to do to occupy the time for a few minutes, then this is the game for you.


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