[miau] If you’re looking for a slot game to get you in the Halloween spirit, then Halloween Fortune is the right one. It’s a fun and spooky game that can have big payouts. It’s not as slow to get started as some of the other slow games, and the music isn’t nearly as depressing. Most of the characters that you will see are witches dressed in different ways. However, there are also monsters, pumpkins and other symbols relating to the holiday. There is one thing to keep in mind when you play the game. Although the designs are somewhat playful, some of the looks of the witches are a little seductive. These witches have potions that can sometimes be used as wild cards and black cats that sit beside the witches. If you are lucky enough to find a black cat, then your chances at a higher payout increase. While you playing the game, you want to see the word bonus. This will usually appear on select witches. When you see this word, then you can usually have a high payout that makes playing the game well worth your time. This word needs to be seen on reels one through five in order for it to be activated.

halloween_fortune_slot_machineThere are five reels in the game, giving you a few more chances to win, but don’t think that it increase your odds substantially as there are slots with many more reels. While you’re playing, you need to keep in mind that there are 20 different pay lines. This can get confusing, and if you aren’t paying attention, you might miss a payout that you weren’t expecting. Free spins are a benefit in the game. You have to really watch the amount that you bet because there is a feature that will let you bet everything. It’s best to bet only a small amount unless you are feeling very lucky. If you have played the game for some time at one sitting, then you can bet a larger amount as the chance of getting a high payout increases the longer you play.

The best thing about this game is that you can bet with coins with values of a penny to $1, or you can place bets with a credit card ranging from a penny to $20. There is a high jackpot in the game of $10,000 if you are playing with cash. This isn’t something you should get your hopes up about because it usually doesn’t happen unless you sit for hours at a time to play. There are line scatters that give you various ways to win and pumpkin carving designs that are fun ways to win. The best thing about this game is that when you play, you can pretty much count on winning something, even it it’s a small amount. The graphics are pretty good for an online slot game, but they could use some work. The best features are the details on the pumpkins as they look like they are twinkling on the screen. The free spins are helpful, and there are a few multipliers that you will see while playing. If you win on some of the lines, you get to pick a witc and a potion for bonus items.

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