Slots are all exciting, yet they have some elements that are similar and some that are diverse. Online gaming allows players to take their games with them on the road, via their mobile phone or tablet. Such is the case with the Gypsy Rose mobile slot. It is a slot that offers thirty pay lines and five reels. However, unlike other slots in its category, this one is 3D and that adds another element of excitement to it. Many mobile games are not the best with graphics, or at least not as good as the one’s in person. However, this one brings an element of surprise.

This game is made by Betsoft Gaming. They are the masters of gaming and one of the companies who sets their machines to pay out frequently. This is good news for the player. While the payouts may not be record amounts, the fact that a gamer is still winning is encouragement to keep playing. They are known for big name games and have an excellent reputation for quality games.

The Bonus Features

What everyone is looking for in a game like this is the bonus features. Thankfully, Gypsy Rose Slot Machine has a fairly active trigger for allowing the player to go to the bonus round frequently. About every ten to twenty spins, it goes into the bonus round. Most people overlook this feature, because they are too busy worrying about the big win to notice how many times they bonus. This is just the regular bonus, not any of the exciting ones that are mention below.

Don’t get too excited when you do happen upon a bonus round. Unlike some games that go into a whole other screen with plenty of excitement, this one is pretty mundane. The bonus section doesn’t have any multipliers and isn’t a good source of winning real cash. The bonus does give free spins and will promise a small return. However, the frequency of them does make up for the fact that they are rather lackluster in performance. The Wild’s is where you want to go in this game; it makes up for its other features.

The Goal of this Game-The Random Wilds

This game is really created with the intent that a player will play long enough to get the machine to go to the wilds round. The one you really want is called the wild toss. When it shows up on a reel, you can feel the excitement race through your body. This is where the money is made. To get a wild, you must have the wild symbol show up on reels one and three. If a non-high card symbol happens to appear, this will turn the game into the extra wilds. This does happen pretty regularly and it will give you up to four times more than what you have bet. It seems to keep the players nicely topped off in their bank account. This is a great addition to allowing extra features to hit.

The Gypsy Tarot Card Bonus

One of the best bonuses on this game is the Gypsy Tarot Card Bonus. While some find that it is a bit temperamental to deal with, it does have plenty of good luck that comes with it. Finding that it brings up to 50-100 times the bet is a nice bonus. Those who just bet the five cents to start will find that even 100 times that is great money. But, it’s those who took a real chance and went up to the five dollar bet that will be thanking themselves should this bonus appear.

Crow Sticky Wilds

If you happen to hit this bonus, collect your winnings and pack it up; the game is over. This is as high as the machine will go. It is good for giving five of a kind double wins. In laymen’s terms, this can bring you a balance that is more than a quarter over the budgeted thresholds. This means it is big money. This one doesn’t appear as often, and for good reason. This is the highest paying bonus that the machine offers and if and when you hit that, it’s likely to say it won’t hit that high again.

Other Things To Make Note

Though this machine is advertised as a penny machine, beware that it is not that easy. Most games do require you to pay more to get any of the special features. If you want to get into the fortune teller’s tent, you have to pay at least sixty cents to do so.

There are a lot of chaotic symbols that come with this game. There are five reels and if you choose to play this one on a phone, make sure it is one with a larger screen. The iPad is great for playing a game like this, again due to the screen size. The details of the game will be missed if it is played on a smaller smartphone or tablet, thus really messing with the overall player’s experience.

Why You Should Play Gypsy Rose Slot

There are so many features here that it is nearly impossible to list all of them. The game in general is not complicated and risky. It does have some good size jackpots, but there are bigger. It provides plenty of action and it allows you to stretch your budget a bit. The fortune telling setup is nice and the mystical music is welcoming. It feels like you are really in a supernatural setting and the graphics and animation are well suited. Playing Gypsy Rose Slot is a lot of fun and does offer great payout possibilities.

Gypsy Rose Slot
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