[miau] Goldfish is a popular 25 line slot machine game developed by WMS. The slot game is available both in physical and online casinos and is packed with interesting features and bonuses which are triggered by each spin a player makes or an appearance of 3 fish symbols.

goldfish_slot_machineSpecial features and bonuses

The six bonuses include five ‘fish’ bonuses and a fish food bonus. The fish food bonus is activated by fish food symbols on the reel and is the simplest bonus to trigger. The five fish bonuses can be activated at any stage during game play since they are triggered by your spins. Once triggered, a fish jumps into a bowl that slides onto your screen and the color of the fish will help you identify the bonus you got.

The fish food bonus gets activated by either getting a view of 3 or more fish food cans on the reels and you get to open the cans to reveal the fish foods. You get your award if you are able to match 3 fish foods in the cans and if you are lucky enough to match four foods, your award is doubled. Getting 3 turtles on the reel signifies the end of the bonus but you have the chance to earn a 2X to 50X bonus from one of the three turtles.

The Goldfish Slot bonus gives you a chance to get free spins by selecting one of the bubbles that in the fish bowl. A bubble will give you between 5 and 20 spins and another bubble selection will award you with a game multiplier from X2 to X10. This means that the spins you win are multiplied by your initial bet and even losing spins are awarded a X2 multiplier on your bet.

The purple fish slot bonus awards you with a cash bonus, whose value is generated from 3 bubbles that the purple fish blows. The bubbles each have numbers 0 – 9 which are shuffled to generate a 3-figure value representing your cash bonus. This is added to your bankroll.

The Red fish slot bonus is one of the most exciting cash bonuses. You get to choose a treasure chest, a clam or a castle to reveal your award. Your revealed cash bonus then gets multiplied if other fish kiss it, with the blue fish having the highest ability to multiply your cash between 20 and 100 times. The fish can kiss your award 2 to ten times, which means that this bonus can be very rewarding.

The Blue Fish slot bonus awards you with scatter spins. Your choice of bubble will award you with 1 – 3 spins which pay off once you get back to the reels.

The green fish bonus has various prizes that can be won by selecting one of the bubbles. It you are lucky enough your bubble selection will reveal a ‘WIN ALL’ which means that you get all the prizes offered by the bonus.

The gold fish slot sea floor set can make you drift into a different reality and on top of the bonuses; the game allows you to choose a gambling option where you can try multiplying your bankroll if you feel adventurous. The random progressive jackpot on the slot also provides some good entertainment with the chance to win any of the jackpots.

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