[miau] The Georgie Porgie Slot is an online machine game that comes with a 5 reel 15 pay-line. Players can spin for jackpots and have a ball doing so. The background story of Georgie Porgie is very evident in the slot machine images. The main character of the game is featured as a handsome teenager kissing girls, who later start to cry. The teenager and/or young man is obviously unattractive, but still wants to be loved. Georgie starts to run away once he sees a group of rough guys chasing him. The graphics and images in the game is very beautiful and well-crafted.

Free Spins and Scatter Wins

Georgie often receives fresh mints that is made to freshen his breath before kissing the girls. These mints was created to represent a scatter. If there are at least two fresh mints on the reels, the player wins up to two times the amount of the initial bet. Players can win up to 25 free spins. Payouts are multiplied by five when using the free spins. When another fresh mint symbol appears on the screen, the players receives an extra spin for free.

Georgie Porgie Logo

The logo for the Georgie Porgie game is represented by a wild symbol. These symbols can be traded in or substituted as combinations for winning slots. When there is a substitution made, payouts will be five times the amount for one regular combination. Players have the potential to get multiple payouts when they receive five logos.

Other Fun Facts About The Georgie Porgie Slot Machine Game

The game also allow players to receive a jackpot. The jackpot is a total of over 975000 coins. The coin value is an estimated 10 cents. There are no bonus games available, but it does come with a free practice trial. Users can get up to 50 max coins and 5 reels. In practice mode, the player will get a set amount of coins to practice with. On the screen, it is possible to see the amount of wins and bets made. The ‘bet’ button comes with a host of arrows to select the coin size. The amount of coins picked is equivalent to how much a player wants to wager per play line. The maximum amount of coins that can be used for a bet is 150 coins. Every time a player uses a fresh mint, they increase their chances of winning over 975000 coins.

Basic Overview of How To Play the Georgie Porgie Slot Machine

Clicking on ‘autoplay’ will bring the player to the option of receiving automatic spins. The amount of spins can be chosen or the spins can continue until the player stops it. The ‘bet’ button will allow the user to choose up to three buttons; value, lines and coins. The win is the display screen that allows the player to keep track of how much they have won with each spin. The spin button control the reels.

The Georgie Porgie online game slot is a very fun option for those looking to make big wins and have fun while doing it. The game uses a traditional character that was taken from a basic nursery rhyme. This game has a lot of potential for players to receive a lot of money.


Georgie Porgie Slot
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