[miau]If you like fun slot machine games, then Funky Fruits Farm is the game for you. You start off by seeing a farmer running around with fruits behind him, and the fruit characters going in one direction, or the other. When you get to the game screen, you will see the symbols that are prevalent throughout the game, which are mostly fruit. The music in the background is a funky beat, that reminds you of also being on a farm. The fruits that are symbols in the game, have an odd shape to them, maybe that’s why they call them funky fruits!

funky_fruits_farm_slot_machineYou have a circle shaped watermelon, cherry twins, and an odd shaped pineapple, and also you’ll see many letters and numbers for symbols. The background is clearly on a farm, and on the right side you see what looks similar to windmills, spinning. This is really a fun type of game, for those who want to win money, but also have a sense of humor. Funky Fruits Farm Slot, is a five-reel game, and it has 20 pay lines. The scatter in this game is the farmer, who you will see, come from the right side of the screen, periodically.

The farmer is all fun and games, because he’ll even take his pitchfork, and scrape it across the game board. If you get three of the farmers on any reels, they are a scatter, and it will trigger the bonus game. During the bonus game, you’ll receive eight free spins, with a 2x’s times multiplier. This is a great way to win some extra cash in the game. Another great thing about the scatter in this game, is that you can actually end up winning up to a maximum of 33 free spins, and 15x’s multipliers.

The amount you get to win, always depends on your bet. The more you bet, the more you can possibly win. A wild symbol can substitute for any symbol, except for the scatter. Your bet amount can be as little as $.01, and all the way up to $5. For those who do not want to continually push the “spin” button, there is an auto-play feature, that allows you to choose your plays, up to 99 spins. You can possibly win up to 10,000 coins, which is the maximum payout amount.

If you happen to get the wild symbol that is on all the reels, wilds can substitute for any symbol, except for the scatter, which is the farmer. The wilds play, will end up giving you a 2x’s multiplier. A different combination of fruits, and letters, can win you a certain amount of coins as well. If you pick your play just right, you may end up winning a lot of money in this game, especially if you bet the max amount, of five dollars.

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