[mrgreen] Everyone loves a little extra bonus here and there. This goes for gaming as well, and anyone who plays slots know that the extra side games and additional bonus opportunities make a slot gaming experience much more valuable for free play or for gambling. When these bonuses and side games are combined with great visuals and unique themes to the slot game’s world, it makes for a very popular gaming experience that people will keep coming back to. When looking for a enjoyable slot gaming experience with a fun feel to the theme and graphics, then one should consider trying Foxin’ Wins.

foxin’_wins_slot_machineProduced by NextGen Gaming, Foxin’ Wins is a comical and fun slot game based on the premise story of a very sophisticated looking fox and his attempts to stop and catch a leprechaun who has brought some mysterious mischief into his house. Aside from the colors and visuals being adorable, creative and unique, the 3-D game itself allows for a 25 pay-line as well as quite a few opportunities for bonus play. The slot preferences allow for the choice of 5 to 100 spins and a max bet feature.

The slot game begins with visualization of the reels that appear to be situated in this stylish Fox’s swanky living room with very plush furniture and rich colors. Along with the aesthetic appeal that the game has for the background, the colorful symbols include letter and number values, $100 dollar bill rolls, a depiction of Fox’s mansion, a golden fountain, pots of gold labeled as “scatter”, a red classics looking hot-rod era of a car and if you are lucky even the wild cards with the fox’s face as the logo as well.

There are three bonus features in the game, which is more than many slot machines often have. When the spin lands on at least three pots of gold logos, then the bonus feature is activated and all spins are then worth double while you get ten free games, or spins. This is a great highlight in the game as you can win double for free, and quite a lot if you have bet higher.

The second bonus game occurs at random moments of game play and allows for you to attempt to catch the mysterious leprechaun on a separate screen and win any of the loose coins that he drops when you shake him.

The third bonus, although it is not necessarily a game but more of an exciting feature, randomly occurs when “The Foxy Funds” are added to your cash amount as an extra pay out to your already won prizes for that spin.

For anyone that enjoys extra bonuses for maximum pay out as well as side games when they play slot machines, Foxin’ Wins is definitely a fun game to choose for that option. Although the connection between an extravagant and sophisticated fox and a mischievous little leprechaun is a far reached theme in any game, the randomness behind it matches the unique components that the game’s pay out allows. For these reasons, any slot player should consider trying out Foxin’ Wins for their online gaming and slot play. Go ahead and try your luck at catching the little leprechaun as well.

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