[miau] Fortune Hill is a slot machine that is a lot of fun to play because of the way it looks and because of the way it pays. The game has a very cartoonish look to it and it puts you in the mood to play right away by starting you off with a fun introduction cartoon. This Hobbit-inspired game is something that will appeal to anyone who loves to have fun while playing slots.

fortune_hill_slot_machineThe Plot

Your character looks like a Hobbit and you are guided around by a wizard who has white hair and wears a big hat. You live in a house that looks like a big mushroom and you are basically out having an adventure. There is not grand plot for Fortune Hill, which can be disappointing for Hobbit fans who are hoping for a little more in the game play. But there is still plenty to like about Fortune Hill.

Sound And Graphics

The reels are spun by a water wheel that is fueled by a magical waterfall. There is a lot of whimsy in this game and all of the icons remind you of fairy tales and some of the movies you may have seen. The graphics are extremely sharp and the background to the reels is a little more complex than most slot machines.

The sound effects are pretty basic for Fortune Hill. The music is typical of a fantasy movie and the wizard’s voice has a booming quality to it that makes it hard to ignore. The reel spinning sound effects are nothing special and the sound effects are also a bit muted when you win as well. There could have been more done with the sound in this game to make it fun and interesting.

Winning And Bonuses

For a five-reel, 25 pay line game Fortune Hill does not offer very many ways to hit it big. You expect a lot more if you line up three or more wizards, but the resulting bonus is pretty disappointing. The rainbow icons can give you free spins and Fortune Hill is definitely not stingy with the free spins. But it leaves something to be desired when it comes to winning on a regular spin.

The Bottom Line

Anyone who likes fantasy cartoons would find it easy to sit in front of a Fortune Hill game and play a few spins. But the problem is that if you are a serious slot machine player, then Fortune Hill may fall a little short for you. The wins per spin ratio with Fortune Hill is much lower than most other games, while the maximum amount per bet can be pretty high.

All in all, Fortune Hill is a fun game to play. But if you are putting real money into a slot machine in the hopes of winning some cash back, then you may want to take a trip off of Fortune Hill and head somewhere else.

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