[miau] The Fantastic Four Slot machine displays much of what I expected it would when I searched for it. Different spins will display pictures of the more popular Marvel characters that appear in the Fantastic Four comic as well as in the movie. In any given spin one can expect to see a picture or pictures if one is lucky enough of Mr. Freeze, The Thing, The Invisible Woman, and even The Human Torch. In addition to the fascinating character pictures the Fantastic Four slot machine includes a slew of different letters and numbers. Game play is easy and there are several options for winning that make it all the more fun.
fantastic_four_slot_machineThe game is really easy to play and everything that is needed to know about the game itself can be found without much difficulty. Clicking on the INFO button, which is displayed while the slot game is up, will provide even more important information about the game. Once you click on that button information such as how many times one of the characters appears in one spin will determine how much of a payout they can expect. With this game hitting a three of a kind with different letters and numbers options is also possible, which is an added plus for the game. One bonus of the game happens when Mr. Fantastic appears across the entire third reel of the slot game then four extra spins are awarded to the player. Each of the characters offers a potential for different payouts depending on which line three in a row are displayed during the spin. Players can bet per line or choose how many lines they wish to bet on up to a massive option of 20 different lines. The more lines a person bets on the higher chances of winning the bigger money pots is. The slot screen displays rows of 4 across with five down, which is where the 20 different lines come in. When you bet the max of 20 then each one of those spots on the board offers the potential of a winning spin. After about 3 spins of clicking the bet max button I got excited to see The Thing in action, he punches the screen, on four different lines which gave me a win of $10.00. So with that one spin I walked away $8.00 richer.
Easy navigation and game play is just a couple of the perks one encounters when they sit down to enjoy the Fantastic Four slot game. Fast payouts are one the interactions with the game that keep me interested in a slot machine and I found that with the Fantastic Four slot. Multiple ways to win and easy to see winnings displayed on the screen are a couple more items that I always look for when I have to time to play games and this slot offers those perks as well. The unexpected action that each of the Fantastic Four characters display when it is a winning spin gave the game a cute uniqueness to it that I absolutely enjoyed.

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