[miau] Fantasy games do not always require the pomp and circumstance of high-quality visuals and big budgets. In fact, the first big fantasy game to ever hit the scene had none of that behind it, yet it is still considered the standard of fantasy. Dungeons & Dragons, released in 1974, is the original fantasy game that every other game tries to live up to. After series, movies and video games, now there are even slots based on the wildly popular fantasy role-playing game. But is the Dungeons & Dragons slot machine a big hit, or does it miss the mark?

dungeons_&_dragons_slot_machineDungeons & Dragons Slots Features

The first thing you have to look at with a slot machine modeled after Dungeons & Dragons is the overall them itself. Is it just a generic take on fantasy elements, or does it do the franchise justice? For this slot in particular, the theme seems to match pretty well with the storied history of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. It doesn’t try to do too much by introducing a slew of graphics and characters. It is more of an homage to the popular fantasy game. And with this subtle approach, IGT gaming seems to have struck gold with their installment.

The game itself operates on a basic 5-reel, 20-payline setup, which does break from the typical 25 or more payline structure, yet still provides plenty of ways to win. One thing this does mean that’s positive, however, is that the wins will be bigger. Since they aren’t as frequent as machines with more paylines, you can be sure that Dungeons & Dragons pays out more once you do hit a prize.

The overall theme of the game keeps in line with D&D, in the sense that you get to go out on a quest and uncover ancient relics such as treasure. There are plenty of video breaks in here to advance the game and to introduce some danger and excitement into the scenario. You can also find a bunch of free spins bonuses and even a 20x multiplier for huge jackpots.

Dungeons & Dragons Slots Betting Options

The game doesn’t provide as many betting options as some would appreciate. Though, of course, the range is still pretty wide considering that most slots players are low to mid-level players and not high rollers. In this sense, the game is great. You can bet as little as 1 penny per line, all the way up to 3.00 per line. In total, you can bet up to 500 per spin. If that’s not enough too keep you interested, nothing will be. You do get to adjust your line bets, however, so there is some freedom here.

Dungeons & Dragons Slots Conclusion

This particular machine is just one of many with the Dungeons & Dragons name and theme, but it is probably the most interactive and theme-original on the market. It doesn’t do too much with the theme, and it offers up a lot of different ways to win big.

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