[miau] Egyptian culture is marvelous and mysterious and I love anything Egyptian. It literally draws me in with the sights and sounds of its ancient times. Mummies, tombs, hieroglyphs and majestic clothing and accessories are all a part of the visual appeal in the slot game Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra. Daring Dave is this Indiana Jones type who is on a mission for the Eye of Ra which is symbolic of treasure found inside ancient Egyptian pyramids. The farther Daring Dave gets in the game the more chances he has to spin the ancient wheel and reveal the pyramid’s secrets.

daring_dave_&_the_eye_of_ra_slot_machineIn arcade mode, there are bonus levels and several episodes of the adventure so it is not only just a slot game, it entails elements of other types of video games. Once you make it through the first couple of spins on the slots, you are prompted to move forward into the ancient pyramid and crack the code of the pharaohs. The intro to this game is like the opening to an epic adventure. The prizes you obtain are of course money when you spin the wheel inside the pyramid. To begin the next level you are sent back to spin on the slots again. You can always play in standard slot mode but either way, the point is to basically get as much of the “riches” as you can which of course is the goal of any casino slot game.
For those who would like to know the details of how this game is set up it pretty much has the standard rows and lines and prize amounts as follows. There are five reels and 20 pay lines. The jackpot is 20,000 coins. Strangely the minimum coin amount is 0.20 and max is 500. You can use 1 coin per line. There is a wild symbol which in my experience rarely appears.
Generally speaking, casino games aren’t really geared toward kids although many of us find our inner kid at heart while playing. A really great thing about Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra is that it is kid friendly on the online slots platform. If the kids are around, you would not have to worry about any foul language spewing from the speakers or half naked women flaunting themselves across the screen. This game is free on many of the new online casino platforms which is definitely another perk. The logic is, if you aren’t winning real money why pay real money to play. Gambling should be fun and this particular is just that. Fun!
When you do a Google search for Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra, you are able to get a feel for the game via video clips and maybe a few reviews from others who have played it. You will also notice that it is one of the many games that are proud of the fact that there is no registration required to play and as mentioned previously, no fees or down payments at all. Of all the slots, there are quite a few with the Egyptian theme. Most of them don’t really have a point so I suppose that is what makes this game one of the better ones. The adventure aspect adds more to it. Enjoy!

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