[miau] Da Vinci Diamonds Slots is a 5 reel slot machine that features 20 paylines. Unlike a classic slot machine, with only one payline, Da Vinci Diamonds Slots provides players the opportunity to simultaneously bet on 20 paylines. This serves to make the game not only more interesting, but more challenging. Da Vinci Diamonds Slots is also ideal for players looking to get the most for their money. When a player wins on any line in play, it is possible to win even more without having to place additional bets.

da_vinci_diamonds_slot_machineDa Vinci Diamonds Slots has both wild symbols, bonus symbols and scatter symbols. Scatter symbols do not need to appear on an active playline in order to win. When 3 bonus symbols appear on an active playline, the player is awarded 6 free spins. In addition to appearing on an active playline, the bonus symbols must appear on reels 1, 2 or 3 in order for free spins to be obtained. Players can also receive free spins when 3 or more bonus symbols appear on a free spin.
Once triggered, free spins will automatically use all 20 playlines. Players can also retrigger the bonus spin up to 300 times, or until there are no remaining spins. Bonus spins can only be retriggered, however, during the free spin bonus. The bonus symbols and free spins features provide many more opportunities for players to win more money in more ways. The bonus symbols and free spins also make the game more engaging, and challenge players to get the most out of the experience.
Another feature that sets Da Vinci Diamonds Slots apart from traditional slot machines is the Tumbling Reels. This feature is present even during bonus games, and requires no action on the player’s part. The symbols will disappear anytime a player has a winning combination, and new symbols waterfall down the screen to replace them until no winning combinations remain. The Tumbling Reels feature makes game play more engaging and visually appealing. The Tumbling Reels feature is one of the most alluring parts of the game.
Da Vinci Diamonds Slots takes the concept of themed slot games to the next level. A far cry from the typical themes players have come to expect, Da Vinci Diamonds Slots is styled after one of the greatest artists ever known. Players will be captivated by the great works of a great man; all while being simultaneously entertained by the game itself. Inspired by The Mona Lisa, the graphics are beautiful and reminiscent of another time. The sound effects paired with the culture-rich graphics makes for an engaging game play experience. Da Vinci Diamonds Slots is both mentally and visually stimulating.
Unlike many slot machines, Da Vinci Diamonds Slots gives players the opportunity to win big. The pay outs are larger than most, especially with the extra features designed to increase payoffs. The Tumbling Reels feature is available even in free spins. In addition to the Tumbling Reels, free spins, wild symbols and bonus symbols, there are scatter awards. Scatter awards are not included in payline wins, but are added to total winnings. This combination of features maximizes potential winnings and is one of the major reasons that Da Vinci Diamonds Slots is set apart from similar games.

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