[mrgreen] Cupid & Psyche is a slot machine game where you have to line up similar pictures next to each other to score. There are many different combinations that can be used to score. Pictures can be lined up horizontally and diagonally to score.

cupid_&_psyche_slot_machineThere are 40 different numbers on the sides of the screen that display the possible matches that can be made. Hovering your mouse cursor over each one will show these possible matches by using different colored lines that cross over where matches can be made. When a match is made money can be earned. The amount of money earned is determined by how much money is staked. The minimum amount of money that can be staked is 0.40 Euros and the maximum amount of money that can be staked is 400 Euros. The amount staked can be changed by clicking the plus and minus buttons and the amount changes by increments of 40. The game has an autoplay feature that lets the slots run automatically without any user input. This feature can be configured to automatically play up to 25 games and a minimum of 5 games. This feature can be turned off at any time by clicking the stop autoplay button.

The graphics in this game look good. The flowers used on the logo really help make the game look appealing. You can match pictures of cupid, a harp, letters, numbers, and more. There is a picture of a woman that can be used for matching and she is called a wild. Matching this picture can give the highest reward. When a wild match is made the picture of a woman turns into an animation where text containing the word wild appears with a shaking arrow on top of it. Also, when certain matches are made some pictures flash to show where the match was made. The game uses a theme based on the love god cupid and it uses this theme very well. The game looks cheerful, bright, and peaceful which is very appropriate for a cupid themed game. There is a button with the letter I on it and clicking this button brings up a help menu that explains how the game works. When this menu appears a background picture appears that contains two statues and a few pillars. In this background there are bushes that contain flowers and it looks like the setting of the background is at night. This is a great picture to have during the help menu because it’s beautiful and it doesn’t distract from the text of the help menu.

There isn’t any music in this game but the game does include a good amount of sound effects. My favorite sound effect is the one that plays when the slot machine is started. A very pleasant and lively sound effect plays during the period when the pictures are spinning and it stops playing once the pictures stop spinning. When a match is made another pleasant sound effect plays to show that you have been successful. There is a mute button that can be used to turn off all sound.

Overall this game is fun to play and the cupid theme makes it sweet.

Cupid & Psyche Slot
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