[miau] This game is based on cops and robbers just as you might have already suspected. It is a game that players from all around the world love to try their luck on. Cop the Lot is ideal for the player who enjoys being entertained while they are playing the casino games that they love. It is for the kind of person who is okay with spending some of their time and potentially some of their money as long as they are able to have a little fun while they are doing so.

cop_the_lot_slot_machineThis game features 5 reels and has some 20 paylines that could potentially win something for the player. As such, the players are going to find some entertainment in the game by just hoping to hit something on any one of those lines. There is no question that they could potentially be the big winner if they just get lucky enough to land the right combination of symbols on the paylines.

Those who hit 3 Usual Suspects symbols on the board will be granted the chance to play in a bonus game which will allow them to pick from one of three different suspects and try to win big money as a result. Sometimes this works out great, and other times there are suspects who do not reveal as big of a winning. Regardless, there are exciting opportunities to be had in this bonus game for all players.

This game is loaded down with bonuses. It is not only the scatter symbols that bring about the bonus games, but also a cops and robbers bonus feature is available which has players rolling dice to try to have their robber character escape from the police. It is a fun and often humorous addition feature to the game that people get to play with this one.

These are the kind of things that one will find all throughout this game. It is a great way for players to remain engaged with the game, and many of the players have stated that this is one of the reasons why they like to play this particular game in the first place.

Some players have been able to notch huge wins on this game. As a matter of fact, there were three players who took into the 6 figures on this game in just the year of 2012 alone. That has left a lot of other players understandably excited about their own prospects to potentially win big money on this one as well. With all of the exciting bonus features and big money wins that some are experiencing in this game, it is easy to see why people would be excited about it.

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