Construction Bike Game is exhilarating. From the moment you clicked onto the game the competitive music drives you intro the competition mode. You start off on the main screen where you can pick the type of ATV that you can race with. The game offers the option of a DF-230 or a DF-28-. Each one is rated according to speed, weight and control. The DF-280 is definitely for those who have a thrill for speed and want to have the heavy weight bike.

To play this free game on the computer, you will need to utilize your arrow keys. The top arrow key will make the bike go forward. The downward arrow key will allow the bike to go into reverse. The side arrows will adjust the rider’s movements. This is important for when trekking over dangerous terrain, as you don’t want to lose control and fall off. If the rider falls off the game is over. The game starts out with a small hurdle to jump. It’s for the novice at that point. Then the game goes to a tractor where a series of barricades allow the rider to show what he has. Since the scene is set in an old construction site, there is plenty of dirt, old cars, machinery and other debris lying around to avoid or jump over.

About a fourth of the way through the game you will come to a safe point. This allows the player to take a break and relax their fingers for a minute. The next part of the game gets a bit more intense. At the halfway mark, the bike is doing to really have to do some maneuvering to get through the barricades. There is a series of pipes and a forklift holding numerous pallets. The bike can easily get stuck in the grooves and the player is going to have to really work to get it where it has the speed and ability to get over these bumps. It is easy to get stuck in between two pipes. The biker will come flying down the other side of the forklift so be careful and not loose footing.

Right after that serious of jumps there is another safe point to rest. Don’t get too comfortable though, the final part of the game is the hardest of them all. It is imperative to take the next jumps slowly. If you go to fast, you will flip your bike and won’t progress any further. If you flip the first time don’t worry, they will give you another chance. If you get to the end of the long pipe, you will also see that the slow is the way to go. This is one area of the game where if you go fast you will quickly be out.

If you make it to the end in the last quarter, don’t think you are safe. It’s easy to flip yourself yet again. The game will give you up to three chances to be able to attempt this last section. If you cannot make it in three tries, you will lose and have to start the game over. By adjusting the movements of the biker during these series of jumps, it is possible to avoid flipping off the last construction box at the end. This is where players seem to get hung up the most. The entire game isn’t that difficult, but the end is what gets them every time. Though in the final round you want to start out really slow, you need to gain speed quickly to make it through the end of the course. This will complete level 1 and you will head right into the next one.

Level one is pretty easy, but the levels become increasingly harder. Level 2 requires some fancy maneuvering of the arrow keys in order to be able to make it. There are 9 levels in all and by level 9 it takes a pro to make it. The whole game takes place in a construction yard and its mayhem at its finest. If you would dare to drive your bike through such a place, you will find that this is the best place to do stunts like the pros. You won’t find any hard hats in this game, and there’s no place to hide either. From broken brick walls to machinery broken down and abandoned, it takes real skills to get this game moving in the right direction.

It’s a one player game and the entire process is a blast. It’s got great graphics, killer music and is one of the best free games out there. Certainly, those who have an interest in ATV’s and motorbikes will find this one enthralling. It uses flash media and the arrow keys to play. [arcadegame]

Construction Bike Game
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