[miau] The Cluedo online slot game is a very out-of-the-box type of casino game. With any online slot game, there is always an attempt to a wider audience and this game is no difference. This game will enrich the user with an extremely unique gaming experience. They will be treated to the mysterious with this slot game and just might be able to win a few extra bucks as well. As with any other online slot game, there is a recurrent theme that seeks to attract a certain demographic. That fact is very true in the case of Cluedo as well. If you are ready for something different than Cluedo would be the slot game for you. This article will seek to introduce you to the nature of this slot game and will help you to make an informed decision as to whether it would be for you or not. Consider the following benefits to playing Cluedo:

cluedo_slot_machine1. Cluedo’s theme is…..(drum roll please)…the game of Clue!  

That’s right folks. There is an online slot game that is devoted to the game of Clue! That old time game where players were supposed to figure out how committed the crime has been reformatted into an online slot game. The backdrop for Cluedo is an old gray mansion among some foliage and meshed in black-and-white hues. There is near the top of the game a silhouette of all of the main players in the original board game of Clue and there is an interesting play-on-words overlaid on the top of a file near the silhouettes as well. Instead of “Who done it?” it reads: “Who won it?” and the word “Bonus!” is seen being enlarged by a magnifying glass.Thus, the game makes a broad effort to appeal to a certain demographic: perhaps the older Generation X crowd or Baby Boomers who might remember the good times they had sitting around the fire on a stormy night playing a rousing game of Clue and attempting to determine who did the dastardly deed and with what weapon it was done with. 2. Cluedo has all of the great options of a normal online slot game as well.  

Cluedo features an ordinary five reel setup and has a pay line amount of 15. This basically means that you automatically have a chance to potentially receive winnings from five different combinations from the board. Of course, if you want to increase the chance of winning and have extra eligible lines then you need to increase your wager.

The developers of Cluedo also wanted to ensure that everyone who wanted to play this game could do it, and that included individuals who only wanted to play for free. So, like any other good online slot game, Cluedo offers a feature for those who want to play it free of charge.

3. Cluedo has excellent bonuses.

Finally, consider that like any other decent online slot game, Cluedo offers great bonus opportunities. Among the many bonuses already built into the game there is the “Who won it” round, which gives users the chance to win an extra $2,250. During this round players can get the opportunity to receive three different offers for extra cash.

Cluedo Slot
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