[miau] Cleopatra’s Chest Slots lets players travel back in time to Ancient Egypt with this 5 reel, 15 line progressive slot game. Players search for hidden treasure chests that are brimming with riches. The game is loaded with symbols of the famous Egyptian queen as she encourages players to unlock the treasures within her chest. She is accompanied by ancient pyramids, pharaohs and Egyptian gods which are what to keep an eye on to unlock her treasure chest. Just spin the reels to win. The bonuses and jackpots available keep players coming back for more.

cleopatras_chest_slot_machineHere’s how the progressive jackpot works. Just match five symbols of ‘Cleopatra’ in a row on an enabled line to collect the reward. The progressive jackpot continues to grow until the lucky winner claims it. To win the progressive jackpot, a bet of $1 has to be placed on at least one line. If the stake is less then only a percentage of the progressive jackpot total is won. The percentage won is based on the amount of the bet. If the stake is .20 then the win is 20% of the jackpot. Winnings are subtracted from whatever the jackpot total is. When someone wins the entire jackpot, it is reset to $10,000. The jackpot keeps rising until someone wins it. The game is simple and clear to play. There is also an auto-play function that sets the reels spinning so that play is quicker. Auto play allows you to keep playing for as long as you want based on number of games, wins or losses, whatever you choose.

The rules are easy to follow. You can bet up to $1 a line with the maximum bet at $15 if you bet on all 15 lines. The minimum bet you can place per line is .10. For a winning combination the symbols must be next to each other on a line that is enabled. A player has to have the highest combination on each enabled line to receive the winnings. The second highest prize is 7500 coins to match five pharaohs, 5000 coins for five Bastet cat idols and 1000 coins for four Cleopatras.
The graphics in Cleopatra’s Chest are designed by Virtue Fusion and they appear sharp and clear with good audio and fast download. When the reels stop spinning, the software automatically calculates all the winning combinations and adds them to the player’s bankroll. The game is unique in that it doesn’t have any wild symbols because of the progressive jackpot which allows winnings to continue to roll over to the next game. There is a free play option so you can test the waters before jumping any and betting real money.
Players can keep track on the potential for winnings by looking at the chest of Cleopatra which reveals what the current jackpot is. Then the player can decide if he wants to go for a percentage of, or the entire pot. All players can get involved in the excitement whatever the stakes played. It’s all about personal preference. Payouts take place from left to right and vary according to the weight of the symbol. Payouts only take place once all the reels have stopped. For every coin a player bets, a new line begins so the more coins a player deposits, the higher the chance of winning.

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