[miau] One of the themes that had been largely missing from slot machines for quite some time was the theme of ancient Egypt. It is something that game makers wanted to correct as soon as possible. The way that they did this was to create the “Cat Queen” slot machine. It features all of the symbols of ancient Egypt and provides for some very exciting game play as well. Remember of course that cats were venerated as gods in ancient Egypt, so they are an important part of this game as well.

cat_queen_slot_machineThis game features 5 reels and is some 40 paylines as well. It is an amazing feat to have created something with this much action in it, but the game makers realized that this was what the players were calling for, and they were more than happy to provide something like that to them. After all, the players are always a top consideration for everything that the game makers do. They have to serve the players or they would be missing the whole point of being in this business. The Cat Queen game is definitely one that has the player in mind.

This particular machine is a jackpot machine. If five Cat Queen symbols show up on a payline then the player is rewarded with $20,000. That is a huge amount of money to most people, and it is a great reason to play the games.

Aside from that great jackpot, there are also opportunities to win in other ways. Consider the fact that three pyramid symbols showing up wins the players 15 free spins to have in the game. This is a great way to rake up the winnings, and it is even better because those free spins can retrigger more free spins within it. That can add up quickly to quite a bit of money and spins!

The people who play this game are glad to finally see an Egyptian themed game. It is their greatest joy to find that they are having fun playing the game regardless of their success with the game. This is the way in which a game developer knows that they have done their job well. When they are able to entertain someone no matter what is happening with the game, they have done the job that they were assigned to do. Beyond that, it is just about making sure that the player will come back again to play later. So far, this game has proven to be one that does in fact attract a lot of players for many visits.

Cat Queen Slot
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