[miau] A beautiful simple online game, Captain Treasure Slot is a game for every player, everywhere. Every player because of both its simplicity and its bonus features. Everywhere because it is a game can be played everywhere including on mobile.

captain_treasure_slot_machineCaptain Treasure Slot is a five reel, twenty pay line game where players can bet coin values from 0.01 Sterling pounds to 2 Sterling pounds. The maximum amount per spin is 400 sterling pounds and play its bonus feature, wild symbol and scatter symbol. It is not a progressive feature game but the fact that it is offered by Playtech, one of the largest online game producers, it is easy to collect data and provide accurate house hedge.
As mentioned earlier, this game is a five reel, twenty paylines game. The principle behind the game is to hit, or use opportunities to hit scatter and wild symbols. This symbols once hit, release free spins and offer chances for additional winnings.

The game’s graphic are OK. They might not rival many high-end games but they offer players an equally exhilarating thrill. It is a simple game, with simple interface but loaded with tricks and turns that will give a player the opportunity to be the pirate they have always been in their fantasies.
This game brings to life, the long-gone piracy era. Pirate ships represented by legendary characters like Richard Hawkins, Thomas Cavendish and Sir Henry Morgan. Players can easily embody these characters as they charter waters long gone, searching for hidden treasures full of gold and silver. The mystery offered by the game, where the player joins a ship crew, of pirates ranging from, Portuguese, French Dutch or even British to the unpredictable tumult of the seas makes the thrill of playing this game, worthy every penny.

The games symbols include the Pirate captain, the most captivating of characters, and others including a talking parrot, a fancy pirate ship, a deadly cannon and off course, the highly coveted treasure chests. The sound effects are great, and if you are playing with a home surround sound. The environment is serene, you can easily transform your quarters into a giant pirate ship.As indicated, the game has a mobile option and thus flexible to be played on the go. Online mobile casino apps, provide the player an opportunity for both variety and multiplicity. The varying bet limits, from penny bets to higher amounts gives players the opportunity to master the game, while they increase their bets. The generous payouts and higher betting limits easily add to the popularity of this game.

The maximum payout is awarded by the captain symbol, and amounts to five thousand coins. The second most lucrative payout comes from the talking parrot, the captain ship then the cannon. The bonus gamble feature can be employed to double a player’s winnings or to split the earnings, so that one keeps half and gives-up the rest for a shot at a more profits. A player can also, use the bonus feature to pursue the treasure chest symbol for chance to receive higher payout, replace some icons and initiate free spins. Captain Treasure slot is a perfect game for both the thrill and the pay.

Captain Treasure Slot
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