[miau] Do not count out Captain America fans from the growing number of people who love to play casino games. As a matter of fact, some of these fans are some of the biggest players on games like this. They simply love all of the chances that they have to make some money while they are just playing a game that features characters that they love. As such, it shouldn’t be that surprising to see that there is a Captain America themed slot machine game.

captain_america_slot_machineSome might tell you that the Captain America game is a little slower on the game play considering the fact that it does not have as many paylines as some of the other games. However, the main advantage that this game has over the others is that it does not require as much of an investment in order for someone to play and enjoy themselves as well. Rather, even the player with a rather small bankroll can enjoy this game if they want to.

Players of this game do not even have to be fans of Captain America in order to enjoy it. The game has been so well designed that even those who are unfamiliar with who Captain America is can understand the appeal of the game. The story line and the graphics of this game are awe inspiring.

There are multiple types of jackpots in this game. The first is a standard type of jackpot that can be hit for up to 12,500 coins on the max bet setting. This means that those who play for a lot of money can come up with a big score. However, there is also a progressive jackpot in this game as there are with many of the Marvel based slot machine games. This can help players who are looking for an extremely big score to hit the kind of thing they are looking for. Obviously though, it is incredibly difficult to hit the progressive jackpot on this or any slot machine.

There are wild symbols in this game which can boost the winnings on any payline. There are also scatter symbols which serve as a bridge way to getting to play a special bonus game. Players will love this one because they get to play the role of Captain America as they work to shoot down enemies and save the day. It is a fun break from the spinning reels and a great way for players to hopefully earn a little something extra on their spins while they are at it.

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