Call of Duty is engrossing and literally sucks you in from the moment you click play. We love a game that takes command from the start. It is like you develop instant tunnel vision from the first shot. This game is exceptional true to its history. With all the versions of Call of Duty, we were not disappointed with this rendition at all. In our opinion it lived up to the infamous Call of Duty legacy. The sniper feature is off the chain and speaks to why this game is on the top ten lists. You actually feel the trigger when you hit your mouse. The sounds of the rounds falling and shots ringing out are very realistic. The action of the enemy is perfect for a steady pace of shooting your weapon. Especially, the way the move in and out they do not just pop up. The game takes you through three different game scenarios, scene one, two and three. The sound of the enemy when they get hit has a cadence to it so you do not hear most of them make a sound. From time to time one will make a sound when hit by a shot.

Let us take a look at scene one which is in a city near apartments. The enemy comes from every direction and they each have different kinds of guns. As they shoot them you can actually hear the sound it makes. It is easy to tell the difference between if it is rapid fire or not. It will give your mouse a work out. If you like sniper and shooter games this is as good as it gets for online action without all the bells and whistles. The beauty of it is they keep score of each firefight for score, headshots, shots, and accuracy. If you score low it tells you to train harder! Scene one is not connected to scene two and three as far as set-up of the buildings included in other scenes. This adds to variety for his version of the game. After you have played all three scene you could easily play this one last because scene two and three have the same buildings. Based on what your preference is regarding the flow of the game will be up to you to decide. It probably won’t work in between two and three because that would break the natural flow of this version. No matter what you decide it will be engaging play once you pull the first trigger.

The second scene is in a city business area. The second scene gets harder because there are more enemies and they are coming faster and harder. Additionally, they are moving in a more erratic way. Although, accuracy is up and shots are down the score is not as high you would like it to be. It is good that the game does remind you as you play with “You have to train harder!” The smoke in the background looks real and you can almost smell it. The authentic details of the theme of a Middle Eastern country in the scene give a great sense of where the play takes place. The buildings and architecture is very real. By the time you get to this scene and are getting ready to hit play again the sounds of beating drums in the background heighten the experience. You are instantly ready with a tense sensation as you hit the play button. Scene two is a picture at the end of scene three so if you start at scene three it appears as if you are walking down the street to position for scene two. Let’s play the last scene which is three.

The third and last scene is in a city development part of town where there was new construction. Your position is behind a wall made up of concrete cinder block and gives you a vantage and viewpoint for scene two. We liked this idea because it builds you up in anticipation of what to expect before you get there. The enemy in this scene is dressed in the same garb as the first two scenes. They also have the same weapons. Their positioning is close to where they are in the other scenes as well. The games let you get accustomed to what each enemy looks like and what kind of weapon they carry. This presents an opportunity to get the training the game keeps encouraging you to do. The experience building in your eye and hand coordination is definitely evident but this is what any player of Call of Duty is accustomed to. This is why there are different versions because fans of this game look forward to the next pure shooting and sniper gaming play that this series was created for and continues to deliver on. Their expectations have not been missed but hit dead on with this game. The pun was intended. We recommend this gaming experience to any one even those that have not played Call of Duty. They will not be disappointed.

We need to talk a bit more about the scoring for this game. It has never been clear how the game gets the numbers it does for your score. It is easy to find this information when you are shooting because it runs down the left hand side. The top is a tally that keeps score of your hits. The bottom shows how many hits you get off and how many rounds you started off with. There is also the HP: which is of course your life gauge. We love that this information is there but who really has a chance to pay attention to it while engaged in the game. It would be great if the information was in a place where you could go back and see the timeline of your play. Do not get us wrong we love this game but we are here to be honest about how we think it could be the best or perfect game to play.


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