[miau] There is no doubt about it, a lot of people love Bruce Lee. Whether you are an individual who loves martial arts in general, you are an old movie buff or you are a dedicated Bruce Lee fan, this is a game that you can definitely get behind. There are probably a lot of people that have a tendency to play this game on a regular basis because of their interest in Bruce Lee or in his movies. The fact that this is the entire theme of the game certainly doesn’t hurt anything and it gives it a unique twist that most of these types of games simply do not have. Of course, the idea is for game developers to come up with a theme that will attract potential players, but this one is still unique even in a world where everyone is trying to outdo each other.

bruce_lee_-_dragons_tale_slot_machineIn addition, this game is much more involved than your typical video slot game. It is one that requires a lot more concentration than many of the other games that are dumbed down somewhat in an effort to allow people to play them when they only have a few minutes of free time. This one has many of the same features of those games, but it provides options for players to take the gaming experience much further and as a result, the game offers some satisfaction for hardcore gamers that is simply not available with many of the simpler and shorter video slot games.

For example, this game has four sets of reels with 15 lines of pay each. There is also potential for a mega win and more often than not, approximately 95% of the individuals that play get some type of payout, although it is usually quite small. This is a game that is produced by Williams and it is a good game for anyone that likes to play these games because it definitely does not disappoint anyone that is accustomed to the way they design their products. All in all, it is a five reel game with 80 lines of pay. It can be played in the traditional fashion or things can be made more interesting with additional reels, multipliers and free spins. In fact, there is a 3x multiplier throughout the main game. In addition, when two sets of reels are matched there is a 6x multiplier in conjunction 10 free spins. Similarly, three sets of reels will give you a 9x multiplier and 10 free spins. Finally, four sets of reels will give you the same 10 free spins but it provides you with a 12x multiplier. This is where you really have a chance to make some decent money. However, it is extremely difficult to match all of these sets of reels at the same time.

When all things are considered, this is a game that offers the potential to win a lot more money than most video slots do. It also provides a number of additional challenges. Therefore, it is a good option for anyone that really enjoys the challenge or for those individuals who are really skilled at playing video slots and enjoy the opportunity to do something that is a little bit different.

Bruce Lee – Dragon’s Tale Slot
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