[mrgreen] A fun, varied and potentially lucrative game developed by Microgaming, Break Away is an online slot machine game that has people raving. What’s so special about this particular online slot machine? Well, for starters, you’re looking at a basic 5-reel slot game; though instead of having 20, 40 or even 60 paylines, Break Away has an astounding 243 paylines, which means endless ways to win when you play. This in itself makes Break Away one of the most popular online slots games around, and it means that you’ll never have to sit there spinning and wondering why you can’t get lucky. You might not hit the jackpot, but with so many ways to win you’re going to end up receiving some type of payout. The odds are truly in your favor.

break_away_slot_machineBreak Away Slots Features

Break Away slots was developed and released by Microgaming in 2012, so it’s still a relatively new game. However, even if had been released in 2002, people still might be playing this exciting online slots game. With its hundreds of separate paylines, people simply win on this hockey-themed game. And that’s not all Break Away has going for it. Since it’s part of Microgaming’s family, you can be sure from the start that the graphics are awesome and that it will play smoothly for extended periods of time on any device you have. It’s not processor intensive, even though the graphics are very good.

Granted, it isn’t one of the most vivid slots games out there. The colors are a bit reminiscent of a game like Bejeweled, and the hockey players used as symbols for this game could be designed a little better. But the fact that it’s not on the level of Avatar isn’t any reason to pass this one over. With the flaming puck scatter symbol, players can end up with stacked wilds on reels 3, 4 and 5, and this can unlock a bonus game with a lot of free spins.

Break Away Slots Betting Options

One potential downside of Break Away is that the betting options are fairly standard for a newer release on today’s market. Although there are over 240 paylines, the maximum number of coins that can be risked on any particular game is only 2430. Of course, for low-roller players, that’s a fortune; but for high-rollers who want to take full advantage of all 243 paylines, that’s not nearly enough. Only 10 coins can be placed per line. So, if you do like to custom tailor your bets with different lines bet on, you do have an opportunity to really spread things about. But the relatively low maximum number of allotted coins equates to a relatively low jackpot, at only $500 max.

Break Away Slots Conclusion

Break Away is full of a few highs but also a few lows. For instance, a downside of this game is that it’s not nearly as well designed as some others in the Microgaming catalog. They didn’t exactly mail it in, but it could still be better looking. Plus the betting structure doesn’t allow high rollers to really experience the thrill of winning. On the plus side, of course, there are many different ways to win, and the Smashing Wilds feature and the bonus game are really cool.

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