[miau] Black Magic Max Power is an online slot machine with interesting, bright and appealing graphics such as stars, wands and crystal balls. The color scheme for the graphics is bright and cheerful, which fits in perfectly with the overall theme of the slot game. The symbol for bonus games is easy to differentiate from the rest of the symbols, which is quite helpful in the sense that it does not leave an individual wondering if they got a bonus game or not.

black_magic_max_power_slot_machineIn order to get a bonus, three of the bonus symbols have to appear on the pay reel; these symbols can be diagonal, straight across or vertical. Once the bonus is triggered, the player receives a prize, which is different from how most slot bonuses work; this is a good thing, however, as players get bored when the bonuses on one game are played the same way as bonuses on another. The feature plays out extremely well and the bonus prizes which players love to get, pay out very nicely,and if a person is lucky enough to continuously get a bonus, they feel that this is a game that not only fun, but is well worth whatever amount they have been betting.

Though it is not classified as a bonus, another feature unique to Black Magic Max Power is that players should watch for three wand symbols. If three symbols appear on any line, the player is awarded with twenty-two additional pay lines and their winnings are tripled. While this feature is triggered, if any three symbols appear on any paylines, the player receives substantial amounts of prize credits.

The player can also choose to play in turbo mode, which is another feature that no other online slot machine offers. While an individual is in turbo mode, their goal is to reach the top of the turbo multiplier. When they do so, their winnings are multiplied by a large sum of credits. This mode can be played as often as the individual would like and is a fun feature to enter.

When it comes to pay-outs, there is both a static and a progressive jackpot to win. The progressive jackpot’s winnings increase with every spin, which makes it a very lucrative prize to aim for winning. The static jackpot does not change in potential winnings, but it is just as nice a sum to aim for as the progressive. Winning on the game itself without hitting one of the jackpots is very nice as well, because players do not have to worry about minute winnings; the winnings are based on the amount of credits that are bet. The odds of winning a large sum are extremely fair as well, which makes people more likely to play the game repeatedly, rather than simply finding a different one.

Black Magic Max Power is a three-reel game, rather than a five-reel. These kinds of games are easier to win on than the five-reel games because people do not have to worry about trying to figure out how to split their bet between five different reels. A three-reel game is also much easier to trigger a bonus on than a five-reel, because the player has fewer lines to concentrate on, if they prefer to manually stop their spins.

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