[miau] Gambling games are extremely addictive, especially slot machines. Aztec Idol slot takes the familiar slot machine game and dresses it up with a unique Aztec theme. The music in this theme actually suits the game pretty well. You actually feel the excitement when you successfully complete a line. As far as aesthetics go, it’s pretty well designed. You can hear in the background the sound of forest animals that adds to the Aztec theme. It’s actually quite relaxing when you listen to it for a bit. Unfortunately, the game needs more clarification when it comes to controls. I found myself playing around with the buttons trying to figure out the game. I’m assuming that they geared the game towards experienced players, but beginners might be confused at first.

aztec_idols_slot_machineThe actual game play runs smoothly and with no glitches. The game starts you off with a decent amount of 25,000 coins and $250.00. The amount of coins you have is determined by the coin value you assign. The maximum coin value is $0.25 which in turn allots you only 1000 coins to start with. The higher value you assign your coins will make your bet worth more. The lowest amount you can bet is $0.05 to $18.75. Aztec Idols doesn’t differ much from other slot games. You choose the gambling amount and you click spin. The game can certainly use more features to make it stand out more from other slot games. One cool feature I did enjoy was the gamble feature. Once you hit spin and you win your coins, you have the option to either collect or gamble. Hitting the collect option will add the amount of coins you won to your cache. Consequently, you can gamble the coins you won in hopes of doubling the amount.

If you decide to gamble, you’re immediately taken to a mini screen where you are shown a face down card. You have two options at this point. You can place a gamble on whether the color of the car is going to black or red. This option pays out the least, but it’s also the safest route. The second option will ask you to guess the suite of the card. You’re given the options of heart, diamond, clover, and spades. Attempting to guess the suit of the card will pay you twice amount of trying to guess the color of the card, but be careful, even if you guess the color wrong, you can still lose if you choose the wrong suit. If you lose the gamble, you do not get the coins you won.

The game play can get a bit repetitive after a while. You have the option to set the game to auto play if you want to take a break. It’s almost as if the game does a better job playing than the actual person does! I won more coins on auto play than I did playing myself. The auto play feature is highly customizable. You can set it up to play a few rounds and tell it when to stop.

The game can use more features, but it is still worth giving a try.

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