Avalon is one of the numerous slot machine games that you can play online. The game has five reels along with twenty paylines which allow it to offer a number of options to each player. One of the unique aspects of this game is the wild icon which can be used to complete most winning situations. Since this game is made by the company Microgaming, it is offered by an industry leader in casino gaming software. This allows consumers to be sure they are playing a high quality casino game.

avalon_slot_machineCompared to most other games, Avalon gets among the best reviews in a number of the key categories of casino games. It received an overall score of 8.3 out of 10. The game received a rating of 9 in key categories such as quality of software, graphics and sound, game features and betting options. The game got a rating of 8 in categories such as theme and concept along being easy to understand. In terms of the jackpots criteria, the game received a score of 7 out of 10.

Like all other casino games, Avalon has a number of features that make it a great game to play. This game is made by the company Microgaming which is a leading developer of casino games. In terms of reels and paylines it has 5 and 20 respectively. It offers a coin size range between 0.01 cents to up to .50 cents. You can put in and use a maximum of 200 coins. The jackpot peaks at 3000 and goes up to 1000 at the 2nd one that is achieved. In terms of game speed, it is adjustable so players can take it slowly early on to learn the game and then make it faster as they get more experienced. Avalon also offers Autoplay as well.

When playing Avalon there are a number of advantages that make it among the best one available to play. The most unique advantage of this game is the wild (Avalon) icon that allows you to get the maximum payout and complete a winning. The game also have vivid graphics so players can get a clear view of what is taking place on screen. This makes playing the game easier since they can get a better view of what is taking place as they play. Another advantage of this game is the Autoplay feature that is accessible through the Expert mode. Lastly, there is a Gamble Bonus game which gives players yet another way to make money and achieve more winnings.

While Avalon is among the best online casino games on the market, it has its disadvantages like any other game. The main disadvantages of this game are the top jackpot is not as high as other games and the game can be a little complicated. Compared to other games, Avalon does not offer jackpots that are high and therefore your winnings are limited when playing this game. With a complicated game design, players may need to devote more time to learning the game which can delay complete enjoyment at first. However, Avalon is an excellent game for people who are looking to play a high quality online casino game and have a great experience.

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