Finding a good slot machine game is pretty hard these day with all of the options that you have available all over the internet. At The Copa Slot game has many different characteristics that make the game fun and engaging. There are several different layers to the game that make it stimulating in several different ways, from the fun music to the dancing girl that becomes your own little cheerleader while you are playing the game. I’d recommend this game to anyone who enjoys playing online slot games or other similar games.

At The Copa starts off as one of the most visually stimulating slot games that I have seen out there. When opening the game you are greeted with interesting characters that seem to just dance across your screen. Even the loading screen makes the game look like it is going to be a lot of fun. The characters are drawn well and appeal to all different ages. Then, once the game has loaded you are met with a colorful and exciting screen that pulls you right into the game. The pictures on the slot reels are drawn well and are not confusing at all. The buttons for spinning and betting are found easily. The entire screen is decorated in a wonderful Caribbean feel. The entire feel of the game is visually fun!

The graphics on this game are definitely as fun as the normal visual effects. Even when the game is just sitting idol, you have an interesting woman who is dancing around the left side of your screen. She is actually quite entertaining as she dances when you spin and if you win something she dances around and celebrates with you! She waits patiently as the reels spin as though she is playing right along with you. The bigger that you win, the more exciting her dance is! Sometimes she will just dance a bit in the corner and sometimes she will dance right across the screen if you make a big win. She makes the game very interesting and a lot of fun. When you win something it pops up very clear for you and the graphics even move for you, making this even more exciting to see what happens when you win bigger! The winning graphics vary from what type of character you have lined up. Sometimes you will have a mixed cocktail placed in front of you, and sometimes a dance partner will pop up to give you even more reason to move in your seat to the engaging music.

At The Copa also has some amazing sound effects. The music is very fun and will have you dancing in your seat from the moment that you start loading the game. You can not help but groove along even while you are sitting dormant for a moment. The dancing girl even makes sounds with the music every so often. The celebration sounds when you win are fun and add another layer of excitement to the game. There are also different sound effects for the different spins. Sometimes the last reels spin slower than the others and build up some anticipation on the win at the end. The music flows right along with this. You can honestly feel the suspense as you are waiting for the last wheel to stop to see if you have won.

The auto play function is also quite interesting. You can pick the number of spins and your bets and sit back and watch the fun. It functions as the normal game would, but allows you to watch the game more as well. Your character still dances around if you win things and it gives you a better chance of seeing all the interesting things that are going on around the screen. I especially liked the auto play feature because it allowed me to see everything all over the screen while still enjoying the game at the same time. You can also stop the auto play at any time, so even if you have chosen 15 spins and you decide you want to quite, you can just stop it and go back to playing the game as normal.

The game also gets really exciting when you win free spins. The music changes and the game starts to feel even more upbeat than it already was. You get to choose a dance partner for your girl between a couple interesting looking characters. Her dance partner then dances right onto the screen and begins doing a couples dance with your normal girl that is there. They dance while you are taking your free spins. It is pretty cool that they are actually doing a real dance rather than just some rhythmic moving. It’s very cute seeing them dance, spin, and twirl while the spins are going on. Your girl’s dance partner becomes a wild card for the free spins and it gives you a change to win really big on the game. At the end it shows your results and if you won big there are gold coins flying all over the screen as well as celebration music.

The whole game is stimulating to the senses. It was very enjoyable. I will definitely have fun using playing this game again. It’s going to be a great game to bookmark and play over and over again. At The Copa is probably the most fun slot game that I have played in a long time and I have been playing slots for about eight years now online. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!

At the Copa Slot
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