[miau] When you sit down to play Arabian Rose, you are plunged into a world of Middle Eastern intrigue, music and beauty. The game itself is filled with sights and sounds from the Middle East, and it beckons you with tastes of the Middle East that you cannot get anywhere else. When you play this game, you will need to know how it works as compared to other slots. It stands out from the crowd because it does not pay like other games. You must remember this before you take your first spin to enter the world of Arabian Rose.

arabian_rose_slot_machineThe Sights And Sounds

The sights and sounds of the Arabian Rose game are all about the Middle East. You get a see of colors that speak to the desert in a large Middle Eastern kingdom. You can hear all the sounds coming from the palace, and you are constantly drawn in with visuals that make you feel like you are in the middle of the action.

Each sound has its own meaning, and you will learn many Middle Eastern tunes simply by winning over and over again. You get to dance in your seat to the exotic melodies while the paylines come up over and over again. However, you will not win on every spin due to the game’s unique way of paying out lines.

The Winning

When you think you are winning at Arabian Rose, you need to remember that the game only pays out the highest win per line. There are times when you think you have won, but you need to be even more lucky than normal. You need to make sure you play the game wisely and spin when you feel best about your chances of winning. This is not your typical game that will pay out on every line just to be nice.

However, you get many chances to win and even double win. The wild belly dancer is a girl that comes out of nowhere to double your earnings, and the camels are there to help you win a line that you would not have otherwise.

When you get to the bonus round, you only get seven spins to win, but the game supplements your spins by offering you a chance to double or triple your wins with all the different symbols in the game. You are not going to sit around for hours wondering why you have not seem a symbol in a while. They are there, and the game is practically trying to give you your money back.

Arabian Rose is a five reel forty payline slot machine that is much like the slots of old in Vegas. Those slots saw their heyday a long time ago, but the style is coming back with Arabian Rose. You may be new to this type of slot, but it will benefit you greatly if you stick with it. You should sit down to play the game ready for the next camel or wild belly dancer to come along. You will feel like you are right in the middle of the desert, but your earnings will not dry up. You have more than enough chances to win in Arabian Rose.

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