[mrgreen] For people who have a fascination and love for playing casino slot machines, there can sometimes be a feeling of melancholy when they’re not cashing in on the fun. In person casino gambling is not always easy to get to, since most often the casino’s with slot machine gambling are only found in the more exotic locations that span the across the globe. But with the advancement of online gaming people now have an easy opportunity to access online slot machines. These games can bring players the thrill and enjoyment of slot game play right in the comfort of their own home.

aloha_island_slot_machineToday, there are many different slot machine games available online with a wide variety of payout ratios and themes. One of the more recent additions is an exciting venue called Aloha Island Slot Game. The game takes players out of the world they live in for a time and transports them to the tropical paradise of Hawaii. The game is a creation of Bally Technologies.

Aloha Island Game Basics

This slot game has five reels and fifty fixed paylines all with a sunny tropical South Sea Island appeal. There is a bright blue parrot that sits atop of the reels. One of the bonuses of this game is that every time the reel stops at least one reel lands on the wild card position. This benefit allows for players to win smaller prizes but with greater frequency. The theme of the game is clearly tropical and is quite a cheerful game to play.

Another great feature is the free games symbol. If this icon shows up anywhere on the 15 character display screen in at least three places, the player receives five free additional spins. Other great game features included in this slot game is an allotment of one extra spin each time a scatter symbol shows up on the screen. This allows players to win up to 50 free spins. For slot machine lovers, this is a dream come true and can extend play for quite a while which is a great online slot game feature. The game also includes a higher paytable that can be acquired that allows for approximately 3 times the normal payout.

One of the highlights of this slot game is that while the payouts are not extremely high, there is significantly more chance that players will become winners. Getting smaller payouts more frequently can be a welcomed way of enjoying online slot gaming. Certainly, there are plenty of high paying slot machine games but the payouts are much less frequent and thereby leave players with fewer opportunities to experience the thrill of winning. For people who love slot machine games, one of the other great features of this game is that there is a greater chance of multiple line wins. The game starts with a bonus of five free spins for new players.

Overall Payout Information

The payout is just over 94% on this game. While this is not one of the best return ratios that Bally has to offer, it can be a fun and entertaining game to experience that can last for quite a while. Understanding the basics of the play is easy, and the symbols are bright, wonderfully tropical and easily interpreted.

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