We love how this game starts out with the plot matching the name. It opens with a camera panning a city street. In fact, all the graphics are cutting edge 3D quality. The music is theme appropriate and incorporates the sounds of a crime scene with police sirens in the background. The play screen boasts about the 1,550,000 maximum amount of credit that you can win. There are five icons from left to right labeled moving wilds, 5 rooms click me, collapsing stacked symbols, investigate bonus round and random multiplier free spins. To get started all you have to do is click the big gold play! button on the bottom right side of the screen.

This game takes full advantage of setting up the home play screen which is humorous as it uses pieces of the landscape. For example, starting from left to right, the double up button is on the bumper of a parked SUV followed by choose coin, pay lines, bet per line, total bet, spin, bet max spin and auto play. A criminal comes from behind the parked SUV while the detective character is standing on the other side of the game. The three reel slot machine has thirty lines for you to set as you maximize your payout into big wins. The icons are the detective character, a train, duffle bag with jewels, a television, a cat and a picture of the a street corner lamppost. There is an open window in the upper right corner next to the view pays button and from time to time an old lady comes to the window and calls the cat, walks by or waves at you. She appears to be the one who owns the cat.

The payouts for the icons are not very big. For example, if you win five detectives you earn 250 credits and this is the biggest payout icon. This is followed by the cat which is 150 credits for five, 100 credits for five of the bags, 50 credits for five cameras, 25 credits for five televisions, and 25 credits for five bags. They make up for the payouts because they have lots of bonus action which can double your bets or give you tons of free spins. Remember the five icons on the home page of the game; well they represent the bonus feature of this game. The Wild icon is a picture of a handheld magnifying glass and winning one of them activates animation causing the reel to start an unknown number of free spins. As long as the magnifying glass is moving the reels keep spinning.

The five rooms click me with an icon of the criminal is an interactive bonus feature with a video that allows you to enter different apartments and earn credits by stealing them. There is a great bonus of this game called the double up. There is a double up button on the home play screen. How it works is like this, after you win a combination you click the double up button and get a coin toss to double the winnings of your combination. We did not win this bonus during our play time. But we are sure that if continue to play this game you will hit it. There is also a bonus called the stacked collapsing wins which earns you three times payout based on the icon. Win three granny icons for the bonus round to start which allows you to collect bonus credits. Grannies bonus also has a built in video feature. This game has a great free spin scatter feature that allows you to win free spins. The scatter is triggered when you get 5 icons of the detective’s office. You can win 25 free spins with five, 15 free spins with four, 10 free spin with three and 20 credits with two. This game comes with an options button on the top left side of the play screen. It lets you turn on and off the game audio, turboplay and skip splash screen to name a few. It is always good to have control of the overall features of the game at your fingertips.

As you play the game you win right off the bat. Five of the criminal opens a scene that pops on your screen of the crook stealing the bag of jewelry. Throughout play the detective can be heard sighing or saying “what was that?” He also makes statement such as “nobody is going to make a monkey out of me.” When you win the five rooms click bonus you can really rack up as the crook enters into the three doors that you chose and you get to keep all the loot he steals as credits. The first time we hit it we won over three thousand credits. With this win we went from the thousand original score to over four thousand. It is a great bonus feature because behind each door are different types of rooms which makes the game more interested. After this bonus is over you get the words “that was a cake walk.” on your screen. When you win the grandma bonus another video starts with the detective coming to her apartment and searching for clues within certain items. Each item you pick is worth free credits. This is a huge payout and is bigger than the five door click me bonus feature. We racked up over 4500 credits which of course keeps the game rolling.

We love how the detective claps with every win. And this happens pretty often with this game because it is a winner. We love when we run into games that are so much fun and have everything that you can want from a slot. The graphics are great with animated mini videos, the theme and plot align, there is a variety of bonuses and the payouts and bonuses are big and keep you playing for hours. We highly recommend this one but don’t take our word for it, take it for a spin yourself.

After Night Falls Slot
2.81 (56.29%) 97 votes