[miau] The character of Zorro is one that people all over the world will recognize just by his name. That kind of recognition makes it a little easier to create a slot machine based on Zorro, but the machine still has to deliver on the promise of action and excitement that every Zorro movie offers. This is one slot machine that delivers on its promise.

zorro_slot_machineThe Plot

One of the things that the Zorro Slot machine gets very right is the plot of the game. This is a carefree, swashbuckling game filled with danger, excitement and plenty of attractive women. Zorro is also known for his gambling, so there is a chance to get into an old fashioned gambling room and try your luck.

As far as any kind of coherent plot to the game, it really does not exist. But, then again, when you are putting together a slot machine based on Zorro, all you need is plenty of adventure and action. A plot is not really necessary.

Sound And Graphics

As with most slot machines based on fictional characters that do not really have a defined look, the graphics on here are very cartoonish. There is Zorro with his black mask and white horse and all of the female characters essentially look the same. The icons are fun and the reel background is just a black wall with a blue outline of Zorro’s image.

The sounds on this game are what make it so much fun. The sounds of horses neighing into the night and a sword as it cuts a “Z” across the door of a oppressive aristocrat are all here. The spin button makes a fun sound and the background noises when the reels spin are also interesting to here.

Winning And Bonuses

Zorro is a five-reel slot machine with 25 pay lines. While it is not unique in how many bonus offers it has, there are a lot of ways to win on this game that you will not find anywhere else. For example, the icons that bring bonuses can change throughout the game and you are never told why. An icon that brought no bonus a couple of spins ago suddenly gets you three free spins. It is an interesting way to offer rewards to the player and it definitely keeps you engaged with the game play.

Here is a recent big win posted by one of our members:


The Bottom Line

The overall look of Zorro is a little disappointing because it appears to be so sparse and bare. But when the game starts jumping into action and the bells and whistles start to sound, that is when the fun really begins. There are a lot of ways to win on Zorro and any slot machine player would find this game to be well worth the time.

Zorro Slot
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