[miau] Zeus III Slot machine game is based on the God in many tales, named Zeus. You can get right into the game without any introduction, and you automatically are informed that there are an incredible 192 pay lines in this game. Your minimum bet amount is $.40, and you can multiply the bet up to 400 times, betting $160 in a single spin. The sound in the background is not music, but the sound of thunder rolling, and you can see clouds in the background of the game, against a temple that is off in the distance. You’ll also hear the wind blowing as well.

zeus_iii_slot_machineThis game does have an auto-play feature, which can be found in the bottom left corner. This is a six reel game, but unlike other games, each reel is longer than the next. The first reel starts off extremely short, and is in the middle of the screen, and each reel gets bigger, until you reach the sixth reel, which is a standard reel size. This is an interesting layout for a slot machine game, and it can have its benefits, as well as its drawbacks. There are many different interesting symbols that are in this game, related to the God Zeus.

Symbols include Zeus, a hand with a lightning bolt in it, a temple, a clover, a diamond, a spade, a sailboat, a vase turned to its side, and more. The wild symbol in this game is the temple, and the hand with a lightning bolt in it, is the feature. As long as you don’t get a feature symbol, the wild can substitute for any symbol inside the game. Besides getting a wild, the highest payout symbol is the face of Zeus, then the flying Pegasus, the sailboat, the helmet, the vase, and then the coin.

The amount you win from the symbols, depends solely on the order in which you get them in, and a wild can give you a bigger win. Any of the card symbols that you get, including heart, spade, diamond, and clover, can win you a specific amount, depending on your bet. If you get Zeus and the game and it becomes a full reel, it will transform that entire reel into a wild reel. If you want to get into the feature game, you need to get the feature symbols anywhere on reel’s number 2-6.

Once you’re in the actual feature game, the feature symbol itself, will only appear on reel’s 1-5. In the feature game, you can win up to 50 spins, and 50x’s the total bet. If you get three or more of the feature symbol scattered within the feature game, you can get extra free spins, that will be added to the spins that you already have. This game has given the players an incredible ability to win some money, but choose your bets wisely.

Zeus III Slot
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