[miau] Worms Slot is one of the most enjoyable games that date back to the 1990’s. The game was originally designed to be played on PC but currently, there is the new version online which offers more features to the players. The interface is perfectly designed to fit the needs of the players. You will not face hard time trying to utilize several special features in the game. Everything is easily accessible on the interface and easy to understand. This is not all what the game entails; there are more features that make it ideal and interesting to play. Read on to get the facts right.

worms_slot_machineSpace trail bonus

This is a special bonus that is earned based on the level of your progression. The online version is convenient in the sense that it utilizes the availability of multipliers to offer rewards to you as you progress. You earn this bonus through a little worm which appears on space along with it is a big win at the end of the trail. You can earn up to £500 which is the end value. All you need is to tread carefully and perfectly to earn these extra bonus points.

The Crate Escape

This now is based on health level whereby a little worm comes before an attack with ten crates surrounding him. Every crate bears a cash amount, an increase in the health level or even an attack. As the cash amounts accumulate, the health of the worms goes down to zero level. This way, you will only survive the first attack but you get smothered in the second one. For you to win big, you will be required to increase your health level during this tussle. If you manage to reach the desired level then you will walk away with a massive win.

Free spins

This is a rare bonus that grants you some free spins. However, you are not able to retrigger the bonus; once it is used you are not eligible to receive it again. With the online version, you enjoy several wild wins which are spread over 50 paylines. These wins will then add up eventually giving a massive win at the end. Therefore, your efforts count a lot because you have to work for you to get the free spins.

Both the online and land based versions are awesome games to play. Even if you are experienced in the game, you will always get a good reason to play it several times. Think about the zeal to get these bonuses and the spins. You get motivated to perfect your skills so as to emerge triumphant.


The Worms Slot is an awesome game to play. It can be good to not only novices but also veterans in this field. You can make your day brighter by trying this slot even if once. It is among the best one can ever think about.

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