The 2014 World Cup is indeed one of the most awaited and loved sports in the recent times if the glory and excitement attached to it are anything to go by. It is only through it that the World’s known football giants showcase their soccer skills. Again, it is only here that top managers of major football clubs will be hunting for the top cream. As a result, players will be excited upon being enlisted to play for popular football clubs with a global reputation. This year’s World Cup cannot be complete without mentioning bookmakers. Bookmakers make money by placing bets in relation to games being played. Given that they are skilled in this, they try to analyze each group in order to come up with a bet. Theirs is a flourishing business because they make money not because of wins or losses but simply because of the bets placed. The playing country and players matter most to bookmakers. This leads to increased concentration in order to obtain the much-anticipated results. The World Cup 2014 comes with a lot of gifts. Players will be able to network and so establish new friends. Similarly, for the winning team, be it at the group stages or the final match, an assurance of getting monetary rewards appears real.

Football players in this year’s World Cup stand to win endorsements from popular sports equipment manufacturers. All that a player is required to do is bring the best foot forward to capturing the attention of the marketing executives of these top performing manufacturers. Again, what excitement when players are requested by fans to sign autographs? This elevates their status and social profile to that of celebrities. The World Cup 2014 offers a covetable chance for players to experience the culture of another country in what is often referred to as sports tourism. The net result is increased awareness among the players in terms of culture and ecosystem variations. They will be able to understand and appreciate a foreign culture without subjecting it to prejudice. The fact that players will be visiting a new geographical location for the first time perhaps in their lives is itself an exciting experience. There is the instant gratification that comes with scoring goals against worthy opponents in style. This makes the players become instant household names whose motion pictures will be played repetitively on most international television networks, thereby offering a chance for bookmakers to make a killing by capitalizing on the goal scores. Back at home history books are written in honor of the players who represented the country in World’s most valued and expensive tournament. Some players, especially those who scored winning goals, will have songs composed in their honor. Some will have roads and children born on the very night named after them. What an amazing way of bestowing honor to the cherished players!

The World Cup 2014 brings a feeling of excitement to the players especially when parties are hosted by the heads of state in honor of the participating teams. Such teams are usually awarded state medals at the end of the games in recognition of their patriotism. The journey, itself marked with long distance flights, comes with a lot of goodies for players. There is the presentation of gifts by the airline to the players all in an effort to be associated with them. Bookmakers will have to learn and study each individual team carefully to ensure that the bets placed are attractive and can woo a big number of participants. History is written with every successful bet is placed, especially if it entails the group christened “the group of death.”

Nothing brings more joy to a player than being enlisted in the national team and World Cup is no exception. It leads to increased visibility, hence chances of being picked to offer mentoring services to upcoming teams are greatly enhanced. It offers a chance for the players to be hosted in some of the world’s top hotels and restaurants. During the off-the-pitch moments, players have the opportunity to sample some of the popular attractions in the host country. The bookmakers will carefully use the income generated in the bets to expand other investments in their knowledge. Every player is looking forward to rewarding moments. It is a journey that began with a lot of sacrifices in terms of time and regular practice. As a result, the players strongly believe that is the much-awaited opportunity to display their mastery of the game. Bookmakers are going to pay out some amounts of money to those who win the bets while keeping in mind that they must get the lions share. As a matter of fact, this trade will be booming when the defending champions play against the host nation due to the massive support that the two teams enjoy globally over other teams.

Players have the advantage of being granted long periods of rest, especially if they are also engaged in formal employment. The short leave is a paid one in recognition of the players’ contribution towards building the image of the country on the international arena. During this time, bookmakers may be allowed to operate freely because the global game gives them the much-needed immunity. As a result, they find it exciting and that they will be able to maximize their returns. Football players stand to benefit massively because every won match comes with its goodies. They often wish that the World Cup season would be extended for some more months. Then comes the joy of proceeding past the preliminary and group stages. This elevates the status of the players back at home and among other worthy opponents. There will be the pre-match and post-match excitement that comes with participation in World Cup 2014 competitions. The excitement comes when players realize that they set foot and played on the international arena and, as a result, motion pictures were beamed globally.

It is in the 2014 World Cup that some players will have their football careers transformed completely. This is because by displaying a professional game, some may be called upon to join the technical team of the world’s football governing body. Every player is, therefore, motivated to bring the best foot forward. Bookmakers may capitalize on the popular players’ ability to score goals. This will attract plenty of bets being placed in anticipation of a winning team or who becomes the first goal scorer. During the 2014 World Cup, bookmakers will have to advance in their game. They have to embrace digital technology and place bets over the Internet. Similarly, they will encourage betting via television commercials. This will greatly expand their operational base hence ripping maximum profits.

The 2014 World Cup comes with heightened security. This means that authorities will be busy occupied with providing security services; hence bookmakers will have a field day free from the effects of taxation on their income. The journey to the 2014 World Cup could serve as an eye opener to some players because it may bring about the urge to invest the earned income in a foreign nation. This translates to excitement on the part of the player, especially if the dream is materialized. The 2014 World Cup will make it possible for some players to secure international jobs with ease. This is because in order to fly to the host nation, a player must have the necessary documentation. This lessens the burden when that international chance crops up. There is also the element of diplomatic immunity given to the player when they are in the host country. This enables them to enjoy themselves without any fear as long as the rule of law is observed. As bookmakers will have the last laugh, players will have organizations pledging to sponsor their respective teams back at home. This shows the level of excitement that participation in World Cup tourney brings to the players. The 2014 World Cup will be a journey that opens the door of opportunities for their players. They must be excited to rub shoulders with some of the best football players in the world. Similarly, bookmakers learn how to invest their earnings. This is as result of what is learnt from their counterparts in the host country.

The group photos taken prior to the commencement of matches serve as an important souvenir and thus players can sell at competitive rates, or alternatively hand them over to their friends and loved ones. The 2014 World Cup must have excited players in that they had to go through a tough and competitive process of elimination in order to secure a slot. This in itself excites players and, as a result, they feel special. It is in the elimination stages that bookmakers sharpen their betting skills which are being employed in the ongoing World Cup matches. What of enjoying smooth rides in state-of-the-art five-star hotels? This does not only bring excitement to the players but also gives them great honor and respect. The excitement in the 2014 World Cup is climaxed when players shake hands with top officials of the world’s football governing body prior to presentation of the top prize. That golden trophy is coveted by every nation represented in the matches. The final match is of great significance to the bookmakers because it is used as a yardstick to gauge their performance in terms of earnings. Similarly, the excitement comes in when highly prized bets are placed. This motivates them to work extra hard with the hope of living the venue with basketful of money.

During the 2014 FIFA World Cup, bookmakers from different geographical locations could come together and form an association to protect their interests. This leads to improved terms of carrying out the trade. Players also get to learn how schools of mentoring upcoming footballers are operated. This instills a desire in them of establishing such centers of excellence once they return to their home countries. Players look forward to chatting with of the greatest football legends with the hope of learning a few skills and tricks from them. This leads to increased motivation on the part of the players as they put on that jersey and head to the training grounds. Playing before a multitude of tens of thousands of spectators is itself a great honor that brings much excitement to players. Every player desires to receive a standing ovation from football fans, especially when they score goals tactfully and professionally.

The bookmakers’ diary is full right from day one and this brings them much excitement. This is because they start placing bets immediately the start up whistle is blown. They remain attentive throughout, hoping that nothing changes their fortunes of getting big amounts of money. They always aspire to retain the largest amounts of the total amount of money arising from the bets. Their excitement increases with the number of bets placed irrespective of whether there is a win or a loss. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is, in fact, a season for change for the players. This is as a result of fortunes that come with participating and making an appearance on the international scene. This is indeed an exciting moment for bookmakers and players, and indeed everyone else.

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