Roulette is a pure game of chance. Regardless of which online version a player is using, the results are still random and uncontrollable. In coming up with a winning strategy, it is important to recognize that winning sometimes means limiting losses. There a hundred of “systems” sold over the internet that promise big wins all of the time. By not paying attention to those systems, a player has made the first step in a winning strategy.

Common Sense Rules to Follow
Before any game-play strategies are discussed, there are certain things that players can do to maximize their chances for success when playing online roulette.

  • Always choose European Roulette if it’s available. The European wheel does not have the extra green double zero slot. This cuts the house’s edge from 5.26% to 2.70%
  • If the online casino offers any promotions or bonuses that can be used for roulette, always claim those bonuses and take a few shots with free money.
  • Chose highly rated, reputable online casinos with a solid reputation and record of making payouts. There is nothing worse than hitting a big score and having the casino look for ways to keep the money. There are several good watchdog sites available for further information.
  • Set a winning goal. Once the goal has been reached, the player needs to have enough discipline to just walk away with their winnings in tow. The player should also set a limit on the amount of losses they can afford to absorb without creating havoc in their lives. This is called responsible gambling.

Characteristics of a Winning Strategy
The objective of any strategy should be to find ways to minimize the house’s edge. The strategy must be designed to accept the fact that the house will always have an edge and that losing is more than a distinct possibility, it is a certainty without the intervention of luck. That doesn’t mean that players can’t win consistently over a short period of time. But, casinos don’t exist to handout money. They are there to make money and the odds are always in their favor.

Depending on the player and their overall goals, the selection of a winning strategy should be consistent with these goals. If the goal is to make small amounts of money over a long period of time, the chosen strategy should be conservative and involve making small bets on low odds positions. If the strategy is to try a hit the big win, then the strategy needs to be much more aggressive with a willingness to accept bigger losses for the chance to hit that big win. The player will have to focus more play making bigger wagers on outside positions while still avoiding the inside numbers that result in certain death.

Regardless of which strategy a player chooses, it must be carried out with discipline and resolve. Anything less will be the same as playing a random game in a random manner, and that’s exactly what the online casino operators are expecting most players to do. Therefore, any strategy chosen should be easy to remember and use during game-play. At all times, the player should never risk more than they can afford to lose.

Best Strategy for Conservative Play
While the following strategy might sound like a system, it is actually a mathematical strategy designed to give the player a reasonable chase to win as long as he doesn’t have more bad luck than he does good luck. The best part of this strategy is that it is very easy to remember and use.

This strategy is implemented in a 14 spin set. The player will be wagering units in the following manner over 14 spins; 1/1/1/1/1/2/2/2/3/3/4/5/6/7 where each number is a unit of chips. The dollar amount of these chips is to be determined by the player and his bank roll. For this exercise, the unit value will be $1.00. If the player loses all 14 spins, the total loss will be $39. That’s the most he can lose during any 14 spin set. The player will pick out and place the first wager on a “Six Line” bet, two rows of three numbers together where the wager is placed on the outside of the two rows right in between the numbers. The payout on a six line is 5:1. The cumulative total of wagers for all 14 spins would $1/$2/$3/$4/$5/$7/$9/$11/$14/$17/$21/$26/$32/$39. If the player hits any where along the continuum, the payouts would be $6/$6/$6/$6/$6/$12/$12/$12/$18/$18/$24/$30/$36/$42. By comparing these two series of numbers, the player stands to make a profit of $1-$5 for each set of spins. Once the player hits anywhere during the 14 spins, they start the process all over. The only wagering stipulation is that the same six line bet needs to be used for an entire set. A new six line bet can be chosen for each successive set.

It would be a rare occasion that one of six numbers would fail to come up over 14 spins. If it happens, the losses have been controlled and the houses edge has been reduced below the 2.70% benchmark. The players then has the option to start over, or try blackjack.

Best Strategy for Aggressive Play
The system has been called the “Grand Martingale System”. It’s really nothing more than a double-down strategy with a twist. The system is very easy to remember and use, but it has a much higher risk of failure than the conservative method.

Again, for the purposes of this exercise, a unit is equal to $1. The player wagers one unit on one of the EVEN money positions (odd/even, red/black, 1-18/19-36). This is called the beginning point. They must use this same position until they hit a win. If they lose the first wager, they will double-down on the next wager plus add one more unit making the second wager $3 (2 x 1 + 1). If they lose, the next wager would be $7 (2 x 3 + 1). Again, if they lose, the next wager would be $15 (2 x 7 + 1). After these four spins, the cumulative money wagered would be $1/$4/$11/$26. The win at any point on the continuum would be $2/$6/$14/$30. During the first four spins, the player stands to make $1-$4. As soon as the player wins, they go back to the beginning point and start over.

It seems crazy to think that playing a spin with a 50/50 chance of hitting could be missed so many times in a row that the player could actually lose. But, It happens. It happens for three reasons;
1. The wager is not 50/50, it is actually 48.65/51.35.
2. By doubling up on every loss, the game gets expensive in a hurry and the player eventually runs out of money with a big loss in tow.
3. The wagers get big enough to run up against the table limit and the strategy has to be abandoned.
When the strategy works, the player is usually able to accumulate a nice sum in a relatively short period of time.

One final comparison. Under the conservative strategy, the player only loses $39 for 14 spins. Under the aggressive strategy, the player loses over $4,000 starting with the same $1, proving that while he has a better chance to win more, he has a much bigger risk.

Individuals are free to try and come up with their own strategy, but one thing never changes. The random nature of each spin will always favor the house, which brings everything back to the original comment; Winning sometimes means limiting losses.

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