[miau] You have watched the Olympics from time to time, right? Well, if you are a lover of this game then you should not be surprised to realize there is a unique slot game that can offer you an opportunity to enjoy what you like. Wild Games Slot is a perfect creation that features animals. Though the game may seem cheesy to some people, you may find some fun in it since the athletes in this case are animals. Moreover, you may need to learn more about this game if you are new in the arena of online slots. Read on to get some invaluable facts that will help you to understand more about the game.

wild_games_slot_machineHow to play

Wild Games slot is made up of five reels and twenty five paylines. This offers few paylines and for this reason, you will be very keen not to lose any, therefore, encouraging some feeling of enjoyment of the game. You can get a maximum wager of not less than £250. The values of each coin vary from £0.01 to a tenner. You will have up to 25 coins to wager.

A large part of the imagery used in the game is composed of wild animals which also make up some of the symbols. For instance, you will come across several cheetahs, hippos and bulldogs in some of these symbols.

Bonus features

Every player finds it interesting to participate in a game that offers room for some bonuses. Wild Games offers many bonus features than you would imagine. There are medals that are made of different colors and their main purpose is to offer bonuses. Getting more than three or two medals of the same color activates a bonus round where players are allowed to choose among medals to identify the one that can guarantee them a certain prize. It can be fun when these features show up. The more you get to play the game, the more you will be able to win easily.

With bronze medals, you are able to embrace 2x to 40x your total stake. Silver medals offer 3x and 70x while gold medals can go up to 4x to 100x. So the better you play, the more you are likely to get away with a big win.

Wild symbols

In the Wild Games slot, you will get a stacked wild icon. Stacked wilds have the capability of triggering for more bonus rounds. You are able to enter a cheetah, hippo or even a bulldog bonus depending on the type of stacked wild shows up on the centre reel.


Although it may not be in the middle of the Olympics season this game can be a good one for people who fancy something different and unique. You have the opportunity to enjoy. Especially if you are a lover of Olympics games, the Wild Games slot can be among the best for you.

Wild Games Slot
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