Ultimate Baseball is a free online game created and made available for your entertainment by Ultimate Arcade. when playing this game, you’ll have a blast knocking a few baseball’s out of the park! Ultimate Arcade’s online game Ultimate Baseball is a fun and very addictive game. The objective of the game is to hit as many home runs as you possibly can before your time runs out.

Start Screen

From the very beginning, before you even officially start the game, you can see that the Ultimate Baseball start screen is up to par with Ultimate Arcades favorable reputation and today’s standards for online games. The start screen starts off with a baseball tune and as you scroll your mouse over each link on the game’s start screen, you’ll hear sound effects such as a stadium crowd cheering. On the start screen, other than the name of the game, you will see tab options such as high scores. You’ll also see instructions on how to play the game on the start screen, which is to simply hit as many home runs as you can within the time provided and have fun! You click the space bar on your key board to swing then click it very quickly once again to prepare to swing and hit the ball again.

Game Play

Although graphics come in a cartoon form, Ultimate Baseball has a very fun and fairly realistic game design to keep you entertained. You’ll find the game design to have realistic scenery with fun graphics that remind you of being on a real baseball field and ready to strike a home run such as a billboard with changing images and words advertising other new fun and free Ultimate Arcade online games in the background, stadiums full of anxiously watching crowds. The pitcher will be designed and dressed as a pitcher with a steady pitching hand, your character will look realistic as well holding his bat weaving it back and forth ready to make that perfect hit when you tap your space bar. Both characters will be standing on a nicely designed baseball field. The game tunes only get more fun and upbeat as you play with increased cheering and more upbeat music. When you start the game, the pitcher will automatically begin throwing the ball and it is up to you to estimate your timing just right so you can hit the space bar at the right time and hit the ball. Your time is limited and your results at the end of the game depend on how many home runs you made during the time you’re provided with. So you’re always going against the clock and practicing perfect timing to keep you engaged throughout the game and the game challenging. Once you hit the flying ball, you’ll want to automatically press your space bar once more to prepare to hit it again. Each time you hit, or miss, the ball words will flash on the screen telling you whether you got a strike, fowl or hit a home run! Your score will be added up in the bottom left hand corner as you play and your timer will be at the bottom border of the screen so you’ll be able to keep track of how much time you have left. Each time you hit a home run, be prepared to see flashing lights and cheers in the crowds abroad!

Game Over Screen

When your time is up, you’ll see the Game Over screen and be given your game results. Your game results will consist of how many home runs you made and how many missed swings you had. You’ll be given the options to explore more free Ultimate Arcade games or Play Again. If you decide to Play Again, upon moving your mouse over the Play Again tab it will cleverly make the tink sound of a baseball bat hitting a baseball, as oppose to the cheering sound you hear when originally starting the game. Once again, a good play on sound effects.


Although there are many wonderful Ultimate Arcade games available, Ultimate Baseball has to be one of the most addicting. You’ll want to play this game over and over again to perfect your skills and beat your high scores. Ultimate Baseball is a great free online game to pass time and practice your concentration and virtual swing!

Ultimate Arcade

It’s not surprising the online game Ultimate Baseball has been such a ‘hit’ so far considering Ultimate Arcade’s lengthy reputation of creating some of the most entertaining games on the internet. Ultimate Baseball makes sure their fun online games provide the best gaming experiences to their players. Ultimate Arcade has a very broad variety of 5 star rated online games to choose from and all of their online games are free. [arcadegame]

Ultimate Baseball Game
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