is a great place to play all sorts of free games, like Twisted Tennis. We offer free games like video slots, sports betting and other online casino type games. We have over 300 games in all, there’s never any reason to look anywhere else. From the latest games to the old classics, they can all be found on our site. We know you will simply love Twisted Tennis, as it is loads of fun and doesn’t cost a penny to play.

The Basics of the Game

Twisted Tennis is a game of skill that requires some maneuvering but can easily be followed. Using the arrow keys, along with Z, X and C letters, the game can be played. A power bar at the bottom of the screen shows how much life you have. Once the power bar becomes completely filled, you can start preforming power shots. In the set-up mode, you get to choose whether you want to play one player or two. You can play with another random opponent or you can play against the computer, the choice is yours. You will also have the option for a tournament style game. All these choices and nothing to pay, it’s what is founded on!

Choosing Your Set-Up

After you have selected the type of game you want to play; now you must select your players. There are both men and women alike from every nationality and you can customize it according to the game. We know that not everyone fits into the same mold; we made sure our games had some diversification. Once you select the player you want, then it will ask you to enter the name. It comes up with a default name, but you can type over this and put in your name.

After setting up the name, the next part will ask you where you want to play. In this game, there are three options; zoo, city and cruise ship. After you select where, then you need to select the intensity of the game. We have designed three layers to accommodate all players; easy, medium and hard. To be the winner, you must be the first player to win at least 3 games and have a 2 game difference. Once your set-up is complete, it will bring you to a menu to show you how to play, if you don’t need this simple click continue and it will go straight to the game.

The Settings

In the zoo, the background has crazy animals going back and forth around as the players are intense into their game. In the bottom left hand corner, it shows what number of games is being played, like 1, 2, or 3. In the bottom right hand corner, it keeps track of the score of both opponents. In the city scene, the setup is the same. The only difference is rather than animals, there is a kid skateboarding and music being played. There is also cars passing by and road noise. It is made to appear as if a person is on the city street in an intense game. The final setting is a cruise ship. One the ship, there are plenty of sunbathers hanging on the decks. The court is actually on the deck and the water can be seen nearby. There’s a swimming pool and plenty of other activities going on to enjoy.

Playing the Game

Depending on the level you selected, you will find the game can be easy or a real challenge. This is one of the best tennis games that allow two players to be found on the internet. doesn’t just pick any games, only the best. To play this one simply plays the game as you would on the court. There will be obstacles depending on which location you choose. Don’t be afraid to play an intense game, this one is a great challenge that is the next best thing to be on the court. There are ten players in all that can play on the tournament section. This is when the game gets twisted and crazy. Who doesn’t love a good competition with plenty of others? It makes winning even sweeter.

Why Play Games Like Twisted Tennis on

Twisted Tennis and all other games are in HD. They require a flash player to play, but the graphics are visually appealing and you will have to pinch yourself that you’re not on location. The animation is done well and attention it paid to every detail. This particular game is great for trying to improve your game. It’s great for those winter months when you cannot get out and about but still have an urge to play this fabulous sport.

All of our games can be embedded into your page. If you have a website that you want to invite others to check out Twisted Tennis, it can be done in a matter of minutes. Copy the link to your website and show others what great games has to offer. Not just this game, but by clicking on the icon to show more free games, you can easily see other games that are offered at the same price, free. Why pay for fun when you don’t have too?

Why You Need To Play Twisted Tennis

This is not just another mundane game found on the internet. This game requires hand and eye coordination, skill and a real understanding of the game of tennis to play. It’s well thought out and executed, like most games at If you really like this game, you can leave a comment on the game’s site. If you want to tell others a special trick or something unique about the game they might not pick up on, use the same comment section to communicate with other players.

Twisted Tennis is twisted fun. It is a great way to unwind and play a favorite past-time. Why would you pay for any games when allows you to play anything you want for free?


Twisted Tennis Game
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