[miau] Historians and archeological lovers will have dust off their gambling skills with this Tutankhamun Slot machine game that is available online. Featuring many of the familiar icons that are widely known to be associated with this famous king, the great play and numerous bonuses will keep gamers interested for hours.


The graphics on this game are rich and bold. With gold outlined letters, symbols, tablets, flowers, and tuts tomb, the feeling of ancients is everywhere. The walls that adorn the sides of the screen are reminiscent of the familiar wall paintings in the actual tombs.

Reels and Pay lines

There are five reels on this game with icons that involve all things Tut. Each of these reels spins independently. The gamer is able to bet on pay lines ranging from one to 20. Some bonuses can only be obtained when the bet is active on certain lines or if the bonus icon appears on certain reels.

Wagers and Pay tables

Each line will accept a $5.00 wager on each spin. The gamer can play one to 20 lines, resulting in a top payout amount of $200,000. The lowest amount that can be wagered on each line is one cent.


There are bonuses on this game in the form of free spins. This bonus is given to the players who spin three, four, or five pyramid scatter symbols on the screen. This bonus is rewarded regardless of the number of lines being actively bet.

When bonus modes are activated, the “walls” on the screen will close and the player has to break through. A bonus of 15 free spins will be given for landing three, four, or five pyramids on a spin. The presence of three, four, or five scatters triggers a bonus of multiplying the initial bet. This could result in the payout of five hundred times the total amount that was wagered. These free spins can be earned again during this bonus play.

There is a jackpot prize with a whopping payout of forty thousand times wager per pay line. This ultimate in jackpots is earned when five Pharaoh icons line up in a row on any active pay line. The Pharaoh icon is also a wild and a scatter activator.

When the Mask of Tut symbols appear on the screen, they trigger wild multipliers. For one symbol in a pay line, the earnings are two times the wager. If two icons are spun, the payout is three times the wager and for three icons the pay is four times the amount of the initial wager.

Visit ancient history once again when playing the Tutankhamun online slot game. The rich graphics and incredible bonuses make this game impossible not to unearth and explore. Gamers can use any device to access their next great exploration when playing the online slot game Tutankhamun.

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