[miau] When I sat down to play the Turbo Max Power Slot machine, I was not sure what I was getting into. This is a three-reel game that looks like a classic machine I might have played in Vegas if I had frequented the casinos back in the days of Bojangles and Frankie. The game looks really simple, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

turbo_max_power_slot_machineThe Three Reels

The three reels that roll on the machine allow you to stay engaged when you are playing the game. Games that have several reels are hard to track, and they make it difficult for people to stay engaged. I have played more complicated games, and it is hard to look over all the reels as they go. Playing with just a few reels was a nice change in the game setup.

The reels include watermelons, grapes, jokers, cherries, lemons, plums and oranges. You can get many different combinations of fruit, and the jokers help you get over the top when you are very close to winning on a reel. You may think that you have too few opportunities to succeed when you are playing this game, but the reel actually gives you more chances to hit even the smallest winning reel.


The maximum payout for the game is $250, and there are many ways to reach these lofty goals when you are playing the game. You have a chance to reinvest your winnings in your gaming if you have already won. When you decide to gamble your winnings on the next spin, the game shows you a multiplier ladder. When you Turbo Gamble, as the game calls it, you will be able to multiply your winnings based on the ladder that you see on the screen. Beware gambling your winnings because the game gets harder and harder as you progress. Using the Turbo Gamble too late in the game could result in a loss of all your winnings in short order.

Playing the Turbo Max Power Slot was a fun time, but I might have liked having more reels on the game. You can multiply your winnings with the Turbo Gamble, but there is not much else in the way of intrigue in the game. You will sit down to play slots, and the entire game will be a ride with the fruits and jokers. For a simple gaming experience, this is the slot for you.

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