Legal forms of online sports gambling are a fairly new to Europe albeit immensely popular. Italy began the trend in 2007, and its benefit upon the nation’s economy was significant enough to spread to the entire continent by 2010. This continual growth has made Europe notable for having the largest online bookmarkers in the world, and the laws regarding online gambling are no longer hindering the activity but encouraging economic growth through it. These governmental changes have yielded with them tremendous changes to the nature of gambling. The legalization and continual growth of online gambling has made it a much more attractive option in general than that of casino gambling. Beyond this, however, because of the laws regulating online gambling, there is a higher level of security and lower risk than any previous time in history.

Choosing a Site for Online Sports Betting in Europe

There are many great options for safe online sports betting with excellent payouts, a few of which will be discussed in detail a bit later in this article. The primary factor in determining which is best for an individual is legality. Choosing a site run within your own country will ensure compliance within all state laws and assist to keep tax-related complications to a minimum. If the site is run by the state, this guarantees that all funds are kept secure through rigorous governmental observation.

Once sites have been discovered that fit within this basic framework, there are still many to choose from. The best choice from here is based upon personal preferences for stakes, potential winnings, and sport of choice along with other factors related to what each site individually has to offer. What follows is a review of some of the best sites for online sports betting in Europe, outlining the reputability, monetary prospective, and enjoyment available therein.


Paddy Power

Paddy Power

Founded in 1988, Paddy Power has developed into the largest Irish sportsbook. It is licensed under the accountability of the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Committee, which requires all funds for winnings be placed in a separate account to ensure that payouts are given efficiently and promptly. They continually adapt to the newest technologies to make their games available to the most people possible. In 2010, they developed the first smartphone application for betting. As such, they are still at the top of the industry in terms of mobile betting. Bets can also be placed over the telephone if that is the most convenient, therefore making the organization among the most flexible on the market for making bets. Like Bet365, Power Paddy has a variety of gambling options beyond their sports betting. Within sports betting, likewise, their array of athletic competitions to choose from is nearly unmatched. Along with the traditional racing and team sports, Power Paddy also includes betting options for surfing and chess among many other options.

Excellent specials and bonuses are made available via Power Paddy’s email mailing list. Their website includes a large compilation of videos that assist in betting, strategy, and other ways to help increase winning. Through the mailing list and other bonuses directly found on the Power Paddy website, a wider variety of bonuses, specials, and reduced or free bets are available than with most other online sports betting sites. Manager’s specials are offers coinciding with the most prestigious sporting events that provide the largest possible benefit to those who choose Power Paddy. Hence, these betting incentives are not only greater in number and in winning potential than those of other sports betting websites, but they are also inventive, not following the same patterns used for years in sports gambling but providing a greater level of enjoyment through the surprises and innovations of the types of special offers they make available.

Just as there are many options of how users can place bets, similar convenience is offered with payments and payouts. Customers may conduct their fiscal dealings with Power Paddy via credit card, checks, direct deposit and withdrawal into bank accounts, Western Union, or Moneybookers.



Known as the leading British gambling sight for online sports betting, Ladbrokes is listed in the London Stock Exchange and combines both online and physical casinos in their business. Their business has been in operation since 1886. For online gambling, they use Orbis Technology software, which—like the other sites discussed—allows a vast assortment of gaming options and user friendliness for a full range of users from novices to professionals. The system can be used in more than twenty languages; bets can be made through mobile devices, and live betting is exceedingly popular, therefore making Ladbrokes a great choice for convenience, flexibility, and variety. It is available globally, restricted only the USA and France. Excellent special offers for loyal customers and superb customer service are commonly listed among users as the best aspects of conducting their online sports betting with Ladbrokes.

According to, Ladbrokes is the most financially established organization for sports betting online throughout the entire world. As such, the security therein is unmatched. Because of their combination of both online gambling and physical betting sites throughout Europe, bets can be placed and money can be withdrawn or deposited in any way convenient for the customer—online, mobile, over the phone, or at a betting store. Live betting is available for soccer, tennis, ice hockey, handball, baseball, and basketball. The website is extremely easy to use with help along the way for matters of playing the games, withdrawing or depositing funds, or using the technology.

Bet365, Power Paddy, and Ladbrokes are three of the best online sites for sports betting based upon several criteria. All hold consistent reputations, demonstrate accountability to licensure that ensures fiscal responsibility and security for users and proven acquiescence to laws that protect consumers. Each of the three offers a variety of sports on which to bet, various avenues through which to place bets, and varying safe and convenient manners of withdrawing and depositing money. They also provide appropriateness for various levels of expertise in betting for any given sporting event so that both beginners and experts can use the site in ways that best fit with their individual purposes.

These are merely three of many exceptional choices for online sports betting in Europe. For a complete list with pros and cons that can help further a decision of which organization to choose from, see the article “European Sports Betting Sites—Best Sportsbooks in Europe” at Now that the entire content of Europe has legalized online sports betting—along with all or at least most other forms of common online gambling—and the industry has grown so rapidly, placing bets through a respected legitimate site is safer and more lucrative than sports betting has ever been before. Any individual, thus, can find the best one for him or her simply through investigating some of these most known, trusted, and populated sites until becoming comfortable enough to begin the enjoyment of gaming with one of them.

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