The slot machine is not really my game. I don’t know it kind of makes me feel like I’m too much of a kid. So when I took a look at Three Wishes I was a little skeptical.

This was an online slots game recommended by a friend. I opened it up and expected the game to take a long time to open, but surprisingly, it was up and ready to go within a second or two. It opens amazingly fast.

The first thing to draw my attention was the graphics. These aren’t really what you expect in a slot machine game. Actually, these are quite refreshing with the Arabian Knights theme. I kind of felt like that mysterious bottle, you know, the one you are supposed to rub and get the genie.
While Three Wishes doesn’t really have any genie, it does have that Arabian story feel to it. Actually three genies is much like the genie in the bottle in that if you hope to win some money, it can grant at least that one wish.

Three Wishes Basic Gameplay

This is a game that features fun and beautiful graphics and surprising but fun animations. It features an interesting 5 reels, which I really like. 5 reels makes the game play visually interesting and it keeps you interested in seeing where you might get those matches.
There are two modes of play. The first allowing you just to play for fun, and the other to place money on each spin. In the betting mode you can play up to 10 coins per line. You can bet as much as $300 per spin. I think that’s what I liked most about it; that I could bet real money, and I think this is one of the reasons it is so popular.
After playing for a couple of hours, the one think I really didn’t like is that there doesn’t seem to be a very large jackpot with a large prize for hitting the right combination of symbols. But the game was intensely entertaining, and after experiencing the bonuses and regular prizes, I guess we can chuck this up to being a very minor flaw.

The Objectives of the Game

At first, such a large online slot game can be intimidating , but it’s actually easy to figure out. The objective is to match three of the same symbol on a payline. You can match symbols at the beginning of the on the left or right side, which gives you more chances to win.
The game has eight symbols that you try to match on the reels. These are all Arabian Nights related which is sort of interesting. You get to see the original snake charmer’s pot or the beautiful captured Arabian princess, this being the symbol of the highest value, which can give you up to 200 credits per coin you wager. This can give you a prize of $2,000 if you played the maximum bet.
Cool Features
As I mentioned before, I’m not one for slot machines, but I really do like Three wishes, especially because of it’s cool graphics, 3D images that jump out at you, the little bonuses that make the gameplay fun and keep you attentive at what’s going on. The game has a sort of fun wild symbol – the magic carpet. This can substitute for any of the other symbols to give you additional wins. In addition, when you do get matching carpets you can win money; five carpets can win you 250 credits per coin wagered.

But the carpet symbol has other hidden fun too. When you get one on a first reel, you get surprised by an animation that flies across the screen. Any symbol in its wake is obliterated leaving lots of bonus credits in its wake.

The next symbol I found kind of cute is the monkey. Everyone has got to love this little guy, especially when he lands in the middle of the center reel. When this happens four of the symbols next to it become available a ‘click me” icon, after which you get a reward.

Let’s not forget the features that other good slot games have, Three Wishes also has a free spin mode. If you land on three or more treasure chests, you get free spins, and you get more spins for more treasure chests, up to 20 free spins, which in turn triggers the bonus feature, which can give you more free spins.
But after playing for a while, I guess I can say that the biggest feature I like is the Second Screen Genie Bonus Round. So if you get three or more lamps on any of your paylines, you get a different screen. Then you click on the lamp, release the genie and he gives you one of six different wishes, each with a cash reward.

What’s My Final Opinion on Three Wishes?

I can certainly see why Three Wishes is a top runner in the slot machine game business. In fact, I think this is one of those Best slot games around. The sounds, graphics and animations are enough to keep you entertained for hours. The game is colorful, and fun. It offers lots of surprises and bonuses, all of which fit nicely into the theme of the game.

All in all, I would say this is a very nice slots game, and unless you really need a game that upscales to a large jackpot, this will do nicely at keeping you entertained; more than that it also offers some great money making opportunities.

Three Wishes Slot
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