[mrgreen]The Twisted Circus is truly a fun and unique virtual slot machine. Coupled with its visually interesting design, along with a dark and sinister carnival theme, the player is left with a wonderful experience. This game offers wonderful visuals while you play and the music also goes well with the night circus theme.

the_twisted_circus_slot_machineImages used in the five reels of this game do not betray its theme. Instead of the usual fruit or inanimate objects or numbers that a slot machine is usually known for, each picture used on this game is of a circus character. These characters include a monkey holding an instrument, a brightly colored contortionist, a half man/half woman character, a snake handler, a fire breather, a strong man, a pair of twins, and a woman holding a silken veil. Besides these characters, there is also the little ringleader slot image with the bold word of “bonus” sprawled across it. The Twisted Circus title is also featured as one of the images available to match.

This game has a general atmosphere to it that can be described as lively and its interface is highly interactive. Each portion of the setup has a specific function and no space on the game screen is gone to waste. Certain image combinations set after the reel finishes its spin will reward the player with some great bonuses. These include a set number of free spins, total win points, and activating certain events that reward both types of bonuses. The free spins bonus can also be activated by finding the right combination of frames.

Most sites that offer this slot machine will give you the ability to choose the paid version, where you bet for real money, or the free version. As with most online slots, it’s suggested that you try and play through the free version a few times to get the hang of the game and how it works, before deciding whether or not you would like to go for the paid version. There are plenty of possibilities within The Twisted Circus. The most attractive point of this virtual slot machine in particular is the possibility of earning free spins in the paid version. In the free version, this is not such an important thing, unless you are hoping to stick with the same game and do not wish to start over.

Overall, the game is fun to play and is likable mostly because it is so different in its design. For those who float more towards alternative types of online slot machines, this is definitely one that you will not normally see anywhere in Las Vegas. Everything from the scatter ability to the fun design will have you spinning the slot for hours on end. This is definitely one of the more addictive virtual slot machines that you can find on the web.

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