With it’s detailed and beautifully rendered 3D graphics, The True Sheriff is another great casino slot machine game from Betsoft Gaming. The True Sheriff delivers a cinema quality interactive game with the Betsoft signature approach to slot machine games.

Old West Theme

Set in the quintessential Wild West town of High Noon, this game features several iconic characters like the Sheriff and the Villian, as well as saloon girls, that typify the Western movie genre. This theme seems to gel really well with slot machines, card games and gambling (The Gambler, anyone?) with its gunslingers, shootouts, shady ladies and bandits.

The Sheriff is at constant odds with bandits to keep the streets of his town clean and prevent them from kicking up a row. The very well-being of the town is threatened by the Villian and his nefarious schemes. Sakes alive! Can the Sheriff keep his town safe or will he end up in the bone orchard? (Bone orchard is old west slang for cemetery, for those not in the know)

All of this drama is perfectly supported by genre appropriate music and sound effects, including a coyote howl and horse neighing that evokes just the right mood for this old west setting. The True Sheriff is a wonderful representation of the frontier western theme.

Graphics and Animation

Betsoft Gaming prides itself on creating cinematic gaming experiences and this game certainly delivers with rich graphics and fun soundtrack. As typical of the Betsoft Gaming cinematic style the 3D graphics are intricately rendered.

Each symbol is cleverly animated and adds interest to the game play. The badges and card symbols are dynamic and seem ready to leap off the screen. The playing cards Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten are each uniquely drawn and placed in different backgrounds that add a great deal of visual interest.

The Sheriff resides in the bottom corner of the slot screen, but doesn’t stay inactive, even as he pretends to sleep standing up because you are taking too long. This is no namby-pamby greenhorn or tenderfoot. He practices his gunslinger skills with the occasional quick-draw and spin and trains his steely gaze on passersby. He even spits like an old west cowboy. When you win, he reacts with a variety of genre appropriate moves like pointing his finger and pretending to shoot, then blowing the smoke off the “barrel” like any six-shooter revolver aficiando would.

Each character is vibrant and unique within the game and pull you into the story. The Mayor’s mustache could be a character of its own! The Villian is menacing, this varmint conveys ruthlessness with his foreboding stare, and that’s just in his reel card before he even moves.

The saloon girl (or painted lady if you will) has an exaggerated sensuousness about her features that one might find alluring or a little mercenary, or both. But life isn’t easy for a woman on her own in the wild west so who could blame her, really?

Game Play

The True Sheriff follows the standard slot machine play. Each character seems to have a life of their own when a winning combination is struck. They jump out at you or perform a micro scene.

Bonus Features are littered throughout play. One is triggered (pun intended) by the Gun, a character in its own right, appearing on the center wheel and taking the player into the Wild Guns Bonus feature which involves the Sheriff shooting at the reels, turning some of the symbols into wild cards and a re-spin.

There is also a Showdown Bonus which puts the Sheriff and the Villian on the reels and the player determines the winner in a heads or tails coin toss. There are over 20 showdown scenes in 3D High-Definition to keep the play-through interesting and avoid players losing interest after.

In another bonus round, the player is offered the opportunity to double their winnings, or lose coin. by trying to guess if the next card drawn will be black or red. If you guess right you can double up again or cut and run with the whole kit and caboodle. If you guess wrong you lose some of your loot. If you are incorrect twice, you lose all your plunder and are returned to regular play. Sheriff Badges on the reels can also lead to ten, twelve or fifteen free spins.

Bottom Line, Brass Tacks, Verdict, etc, etc, etc,

The True Sheriff is a typical representation of the visual and theatrical style of Betsoft Gaming. But typical doesn’t mean boring. In this case typical means phenomenal 3D graphics and animation paired with experience enhancing music.

The characters are genre specific and appropriate. The game play is kept interesting by a variety of well executed animations and dynamic characters. Many slot machine games repeat the same bonus animation and play every time a bonus feature is activated, but The True Sheriff strives to keep the player’s attention with an extensive series of cut scenes to create a one of a kind experience.

That being said, despite the unique cut scenes, the Showdown Bonus is a heads or tails spin that wasn’t quite as engaging as it should be and the rest of the game seems. This may have you saying “what in the sam hill?” Hold your horses, don’t get your dander up, the rest of the game’s bonus rounds and play balance this out.

Overall it is a splendiferous game you should pony up and take a shot at (again, pun completely intended).

The True Sheriff Slot
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